How To Build Relationships and Your Follower Base in Social Media

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There are many ways to become popular and influential.

You can become the friend of a few kings or the advocate of many peasants.

Or you can do the both by adding value to influencers’ conversations in a highly visible way. What that means in practical terms is that you just have to be the first person to leave a valuable comment on an influential person’s Twitter message, Youtube video, Pinterest, Facebook post, etc.

You can later come back to ask the influencer for venture capital or for them to blast out your content to their followers. If you’ve already gained a lot of their followers by being present and visible in a valuable way over time, you can just ask the followers you have in common to pressure the influencer to support you.

This is what confuses most people. You know that the first comment is the most visible. But you think that valuable comments must be long and full of some sort of data. For most people, the most valuable thing you can do in ten words or less is entertain. Be the jester.

Now, the real question is, how many followers and influential relationships does this strategy actually produce per day? The answer is behind one button at

Sleep With Me!

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You don’t normally do that, do you?

You just met someone. They don’t know you. And yet, the first thing you say to them isn’t even a saying. It’s a shouting: “Sleep with me!”

No. Instead, you’d start out by saying something that gives the intended target context about you. You’d say, “Nice shoes.” How does that give someone context? It shows the target that you pay attention to detail and that you weren’t just staring at their ass. Amazing how much you can say by not saying, right?

So if we all understand this, why do most of you keep shouting exclamations at people who don’t know you?

So what do you say instead? How do you start up a conversation with a total stranger on social media and make sure it leads to a sale, that will be in our next blog post. You’ll have to subscribe to our members only content here:

Why Your Should Network with Prolific Networkers

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I just got a frustrating tweet reply.

The replier said that he read my time line and found dozens of similar invitations to other bloggers to team-up and reblog each other.

That wasn’t the frustrating part. The timeline is public and open to see. It doesn’t take someone with James Bond instinct to figure that out. What frustrated me was that he declined to network with me because I reached out to so many other people.

This is not a marriage proposal.

In fact, the more people I reach out to and ask to network with, the more you should WANT to network with me. Think about it. The more people you reach out to, the bigger your network, right? Don’t you want to network with people who can introduce you to a LOT of people?

Another replier said that based on the number of conversations in my timeline, he doesn’t feel “special.” Well, if your goal is to feel special, wouldn’t it work out better for you if you derived that satisfaction from the sudden spike in targeted relevant traffic you got from networking with a prolific networker?

Remember. If you want to get something done, get a busy person to do it.

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Sample Social Media Marketing Campaign Strategy Proposal

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[for industrial and home consumer utility product line]

Thank you for taking the time to meet with us and for giving us a sample of your products. We love them!

In fact, we use them daily. VERY USEFUL!

Essentially, there are two channels we can chose to get Dama Dream into hundreds of thousands of homes, hospitals, factories, laboratories and offices.


CHANNEL ONE: Ground Distribution Channels

There are 5 top industrial equipment distributors in the US and Canada.


If we launch a campaign to give tester samples to the buyers of each distributor, I predict a 60% Adoption rate over 1 year. In other words, if we ask 10 companies to sell Dama Dream, 6 will agree if the wholesale price is right. This is based on how we ask.

To build the marketing strategy for adoption by major equipment distributors, I recommend building a list of the top

– medical

– construction

– scientific

– manufacturing

– food

– pet

– home

furniture and equipment distributors in the US and Canada. This includes RiteAid and Home Depot.


CHANNEL TWO: Web Viral Distribution Channels

There are 4 major purchase channels on the web used by US and Canada consumers:

1. Youtube —

2. Pinterest — (SOLD OUT)

3. Facebook

4. Twitter

If we create a presentation designed for entertainment and irresistible resharing but offer a clear way to order online, then we will hit hundreds of thousands of women. In the US, about 60% of social media users are women.



I recommend we do both.

The first option will give us rapid entry into niche sectors. We can rapidly win these sectors and saturate the market closing out potential competitors.

The second option gets us into the homes of millions of people in the largest consumer marketplace on earth — Americas.

Also, instead of relying on distributors who will take a large cut of revenues, I recommend creating a 3rd marketing prong. Go directly to major hospital, lab, restaurant, and industrial chains.



Typical costs incurred will include about 100 sample units to be shipped in SWAG format. Other costs include marketing manpower and PR outreach costs. These costs start at $12,000 per month and go up from there.

To save costs, it is possible to select a smaller target niche. This will enable Dama Dream to experience a test marketing phase. The down side is that small penetrations generally do not lead to scalable growth and give time for competitors to defend and overtake your market.

Please do let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Bobby Kim

VP Strategy and Creative Director

310 598 1606 in LA | 347 688 0050 in NYC



PS. If your budget is under $1,000 USD per month, get professional marketing help for free at … It’s a community driven marketing group.

Finally, get your industry insider social media marketing, guerrilla marketing and Google SEO secrets at

Secret Google Plus Tip For Professionals

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You’ve heard of the honeymoon period.

You can get anything you want when you’re on your honeymoon.

That applies in Google+.

What you really want are +1s and reshares. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 Bazillion circlers in Google+ right now. If you send out a share, only a tiny anemic percentage will reshare your post. Just as few will +1 it.

The only time you’re going to get a massive swell of shares and +s is during the honeymoon phase of a Google+ engagement. When is that? Let’s turn the tables. When are you most excited within Google+?

It’s when someone you don’t know +1s your posts, right?

You wonder who they are, how they found you… whether they are your soul mate…

Its the same for them. They overflow with nervous energy when they get a comment from a new person that’s positive. Then they use that nervous energy to climb over the fence and return the favor 23% of the time.

Yes. 23.

That’s huge.

So just as soon as you do your next Google Plus post, do a search withing G+ for others who post on the same subject matter. Then leave 10 positive comments. You’ll get exactly 2.3 +1s back.

I’m running off to do 100 comments now. I’ll end up with exactly 23 +1s on this new post on printing. If you felt this was valuable… would you climb over that fence and lend me a reshare? Thanks! — Bob.

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7 Word Elevator Pitch Problem

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How do you get people to do what you want them to do?

“It’s location, location, location.”

“It’s all timing.”

“It’s all in the wrist.”

Actually, in my experience, it’s all of these things. Everything has to be lined up just perfectly to there to be consumation.

In the case of marketing or advertising, let’s localize from the list on down to the fingertips–it’s the pitch you put on (e)paper.

I’m working on getting people to engage in a win-win rock soup action with me. I do twitter retweets for someone, they blog about one of my urls. We both end up getting more traffic and jump up in Google. Win-Win!

For this to work, I’ve got to catch them in the right place (location) in their work day. They have to have 30 minutes of discretionary time to write a blog post. I’ve got to engage them then close them within seconds (timing). For most people, marketing is not their biggest priority. So if we extend our conversation, something else always takes front burner.

I solved the first 2 problems. I haven’t solved the 3rd.

The first two birds: location and timing, were solved by one stone. I catch people in my target zone using a filter as soon as they tweet the words “pr” and “media.” These are words that only professionals use. No spammy scammy MLM or Network Marketing people use these terms together. So, I know that the people I catch are going to have high repute blogs.

Next, I have to engage them in a conversation so that I can make an opening to pitch them.


I used to ask why myself.

“Hi, you’re really pretty. Will you date me?”

That was my first iteration of the same “7 Word Elevator Pitch Problem.”

It never worked (actually, it worked once. Turns out she was a meth addict who ruined my life).

Frustrated, I asked the mom of one of my friends, “why doesn’t THAT work? I mean, if she’s single, she wants a boyfriend, right?”

Her answer was the holy grail: “Instead of shocking someone with a question like that, why don’t you just make her feel special first? Say something that applies just to here. Say, ‘nice purse.’ And say it in a way that you’re not expecting an answer. Then she won’t be defensive.”

Ever since then, I’ve never had to spurt the following throat slicers:

“Hi, will you date me?”

“Hi, follow Me.”

“Hi, check this out.”

“Hi, click here.”

“Hi, fund me.”

I know that I need a lead-in that doesn’t make my target feel like I’m expecting something from her/him.

In Twitter, that takes the form of a #Follow. I don’t wait til Friday. Why should I? I do about 70 #Follow recommendations per day. That’s about 500 per week. When they reply back saying, “thanks,” I know that’s the perfect moment for my pitch because they are online on Twitter and people are only online on Twitter when they have time to be.

So all I have left to do is to convince them to use that time to blog about one of my urls instead of doing what they were planning on doing before they caught me.

That’s the 3rd part I’ve been working 3 months on.

I started writing about the dynamics of why this pitch is so hard to nail. It turned into a huge long white-paper. So I’m just going to summarize by saying that the 7 words you choose when you finally set up and make your pitch can be misread, misunderstood, non-motivational, off-putting, and generally ineffective. You may not think so. But if you don’t get a 100% “YES, let’s do it!” response from your target, Your #7WordElevatorPitch #Sucks.

For part two, just tell me where to send it in our private subscriber only email:

Top 100 Gamification Consultants and Innovators of 2013

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In the beginning, all you needed was one one-way dogmatic ad, “thou shalt not eat from this tree.” And people obeyed. Well, at least until a higher bandwidth, more engaging interactive ad hissed, “really, he said what? Naw, what he really meant was…” and the rest is history.

Relationship bandwidth gives the maximizer of that bandwidth more influence over the people on the other end of the pipe.

The first company to use technicolor in their advertising made a more persuasive argument to buy their product than the B&W guys. The first company to turn a boring banner ad into an interactive smash the mole game or shoot the mallard game made a more persuasive argument to buy their product than the animated .gif guys.

You get the picture. And if that picture actually interacts with you and challenges you, that picture will have most influence over you than one that doesn’t.

Even eating worked better when mom gamified it.

Doing that now has a name: “Gamification.”

You may not like the name. Personally, I prefer, “make it fun,” or “make challenging.” Either has fewer syllables. But regardless of what you want to call it, if you want to turn your app UX or even the marketing for that app into an addictive honey pot for the mind, you’re going to need to gamify and you’re going to need to know…

The Top 100 Gamification Consultants 2013

Update, this is the list of engaging first responders from this list. That means they practice what they preach (More to be added after 9AM PST). By Robert Kim. His lists appear in places like Forbes.

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Jane McGonigal go!

I make and play games. My New York Times bestselling book is Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World

Gabe Zichermann go!

Chair of Gamification Summit – , Editor of , author, public speaker

Badgeville go!

The global gamification leader. Powering gamification & behavior analytics programs for the Fortune 1000 and the world’s most innovative companies.

Ivan Kuo Go!

Managing Editor of @GamificationCo and a personal space for #gamification. All views expressed here are my own. Sparkah.
New York City ·

get a quote for your project. .

GamificationCo go! is the leading source for News and Info!

Watch our weekly web show with at

Keith Smith go!

Co-Founder and CEO of . We power , social engagement and loyalty programs.

Mike Martoccia go!

COO & Co-founder , and Crowdsorcerer, lover of , , people and games.

GSummit go!

Follow for the latest news and events in customer loyalty, employee engagement and gamification –

Michael Wu Ph.D. go!

Scientist: Big Data, Gamification, Influence, Predictive Social Analytic, Cyber Anthropology, Social Network Analysis, Machine Learning, Community Dynamics

Kevin Werbach go!

Wharton professor, tech policy maven, digital tornado chaser, seeker, MOOCer, dad. Co-Author of For the Win: How Game Thinking Can Revolutionize Your Business.

Amy Jo Kim go!

Game Designer, Bass Player, Mom

Kris Duggan go!

Badgeville Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, read my gamification book at

Ian Bogost go!

Professor (Georgia Tech), Game Designer (Persuasive Games), Author (My books: )

Daniel Hudson go!

I’m a connector at the crossroads of culture & emerging technologies. Passionate about human behavior & user experience. Focused on &

Andrzej Marczewski go!

Gamification Evangelist, social media lover, games reviewer, founder of (), author of
Capgemini employee

Sebastian Deterding go!

Empirical philosopher. Designing and researching playful and gameful experiences. Tweets cc:by.

Mario Herger go!

Likes all odd, innovative, artful, inspirational things. Trades in gamification & innovation. From Vienna/Austria, now Silicon Valley.

Marigo Raftopoulos go!

Innovation, Gamification and Games for Change. These are some of my favorite things

Rajat Paharia go!

Founder at Bunchball, Inc. – the Leader in Gamification.
Author of WSJ & NY Times Best Seller – Loyalty 3.0 ()

Sergio go!

Creator of Gamification Model Canvas. Founder of Game Marketing and Game On! Lab. Co-Founder of Gamification World Congress. Ambassador of Juegaterapia.

BigDoor go!

BigDoor is a consumer engagement platform that helps brands connect with customers in fun ways. Tweets about marketing, customer experience & loyalty.

JesseSchell go!

I am a game designer. I like snowboards, foursquare and unemployment.

Barry Kirk go!

Sr. Director of Digital Strategy .com: digital marketing | gamification | customer loyalty | zombies

Semin Ozmorali go!

General Manager . Believer of inbound marketing, & , into , & design trends, & coffee lover.

Yu-kai Chou go!

Gamification Pioneer (2003) and Keynote Speaker. Top 5 Gamification Guru (LeaderBoarded).Lecturer/Speaker @ Stanford and Google. Original Creator of Octalysis.

Nicole Lazzaro go!

I make games fun. Discovered the 4 Keys to Fun. TEDx Speaker. One of Fast Company’s 100 top women in tech. Designed the 1st accelerometer iPhone game

wandameloni go!

Founder M2 Research (M2R). Providing strategy on games, vfx, gamification, dev, tools, tech, platforms, women in games, casual/social/mobile, emerging trends.

Scott Schnaars go!

General Manager of EMEA at Badgeville, the global leader in gamification. Tinkerer in many things. Pseudo-nerd. Atrocious golfer.

JR Bédard go!

Co-founded Gamify and (acquired by ) Previously worked at Ubisoft Montréal and in Hollywood.

Adena DeMonte go!

Director, Marketing ; Editor () Theatre BFA. Social UX, BigData, Transmedia, Design. Let’s connect!

bunchball go!

Bunchball is the market leader and visionary in gamification, powering the Engaged Enterprise.

José Carlos Cortizo go!

; at ; at & .

Steven L. Johnson go!

Asst. Prof. at Temple U., tweets focus on social media, online community, gamification, health informatics, and RStats.

Wonnova gamification go!

Wonnova is a digital innovation agency that specializes in technological development and web design engagement strategies

Artificial Industry go!

We design great products that bring joy and excitement to people’s lives

Adam Loving go!

Social media marketing hacker. Inventor of and . Great Dane owner. Bike rider.

Games for Change go!

Games for Change facilitates the creation & distribution of social impact games. Check out for great reviews/recaps of our 10th Anniversary G4C Festival.

Gamisfaction go!

The best way to get to know and bring together your community on Twitter. Join Now! :D

Olivier Mauco go!

Play, politics and game design. Consultant indé + creative dir. / PhD in political science on videogames regulations

Seth Priebatsch go!

Chief Ninja of SCVNGR & LevelUp. ( | )

Gamification App go!

Build your business through Gamification and Mobile Apps!

Nathan Lands go!

Nathan Lands, Founder of SponsorOP. Previously founded Gamify, and GameStreamer. Began career in gaming at age of 15, playing games.

Playful Wingmen go!

Improving marketing through gamification. Curated by Jerome Sudan. Personal opinions are not expressed on behalf of my employer.

Gamification Girl go!

Alison O’Hearn: Analyzing gamification for B2C and B2B – Consultant and prognosticator

Ayogo go!

Play and Be Well: Games & Apps for Patient Engagement & Adherence. Tweets by et. al.

Gamify go!

is a Casino Gamification Platform. We also created a HTML5 Game Engine that can be licensed, and created .

BJ Fogg go!

Stanford innovator & psychologist. Focus on behavior change, persuasion via technology. I work at least 50% in industry. Fun mix. Founder & CEO Gamification new media agency. Start Play your Life™

Scott Nicholson go!

Professor at Syracuse University , Director of the Because Play Matters game lab. Transformative games and gamification. AC: 2766-8757-4295

Buster go!

Helping build things at . Feminist. [Tell me how to tweet here: | see results: ]

CRM Gamification go!

Just one man located in Europe that is passionate about technology, the new social relations and gamification.

Carter Lusher go!

Carter Lusher: Ovum Research Fellow & Chief Analyst: Enterprise Applications Ecosystem. Gamification a major focus. Also IT disruption & innovation, tech news

Markus Breuer go!

netizen, father, technological truffle pig
consulting on business strategy for the age of The Net

Gamasutra go!

Selected news, features, and analysis from Gamasutra, a leading site dealing with the art and business of video games.

Officevibe go!

Make your workdays fun. — We promote great and through a unique platform. Share the !

R Ray Wang go!

Constellation Research Industry Analyst. Provocateur, keynote speaker, disruptive tech, innovation, author, biz strategist, contract negotiator. CEO. Club DJ.

Alice Keeler go!

Google Certified Teacher, NMCk12 Ambassador, MS EdTech, adjunct prof CSUFresno, Math/Tech Coach, gamification, innovation, super nerd

Life is a game go!

Interested in the art of applying game mechanics to real play. All the latest gamification news. Looking for a gamification project to roll out in Europe

Thomas Bensoussan go!

Co-Founder SeventhSide Games /
Expert in mobile services, Social Gaming & Gamification

Margaret Wallace ♕ go!

Forbes-Listed CEO of Passionate about Gaming | Digital Media | Pop Culture

John J. Juliano go!

IBM IBV Global Energy & Utilities Lead; new utility business models & , smart grid, gamification in energy efficiency, behavioral economics, anagrams. We love social games. To get more game info follow . For Support, follow
For investor relations:

Gamification go!

Il punto di riferimento italiano sulla Gamification: implementazione, case history e tecniche. Vedi anche

Scott Dodson go!

Product, Design, Strategy, M&A…social/mobile/AR/games I ♥ intrinsic motivation & sustained engagement. CEO Motivational Design, Professor Game Design

Jean-Paul Jousset go!

& , & Stategies Expert.
“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.”

JesperBylund go!

User Experience designer with a fondness for web, gadgets and games. Works at .

Brian Selzer go!

mobile media pioneer; augmented reality evangelist; geo-social specialist; gamification guru; transmedia maven; speaker; futurist; entrepreneur…

Amaia Markuleta go!

Producer at . Production Manager at . Co-owner at . Game Designer, CEO and Co-Founder of . Game industry since 1981: Wizardry, Jagged Alliance, Train, Dungeons & Dragons and more.

Thijs de Vries go!

Designer of Engagement | Gamification | Interaction design | Education | Health | Proud founder of , &

Natron Baxter go!

Hard-working games that solve real problems for individuals, businesses, and communities. Games that inspire new perspectives and bring out the best in people. Social network for tv, movie & sports fans. Download our app for your iPhone: , Android or join at

David B. Nieborg go!

Postdoc researcher, publicist, consultant, speaker, columnist

John Bailey go!

Digital magic man and information junkie. Braintags: Long Tail, Crowdsourcing, SemWeb, Augmented Reality, Gamification.

Toby Beresford go!

Founder . Likes… Web Apps, Social Media and Gamification. Based in UK.

Eric Zimmerman go!

Being a game designer: designing, teaching, writing, playing

Nicholas Lovell go!

Founder of Gamesbrief, author of How to Publish a Game, non-exec at nDreams, consultant to the game industry on strategy, finance and games publishing

Raf Keustermans go!

Co-Founder & CEO of social casino startup Plumbee. Board Director at Bonza Gaming and the International Social Games Coalition. Connecting the world’s largest brands with today’s mobile and socially connected consumers.

EnGaming go!

Based in | We are dedicated to shipping & handling news & buzzs to you for Free! Featuring

Gametuned go!

Using game dynamics to improve engagement within organisations and communities.

is a leading Gamification resource

Kam Star go!

come and play. play and make. make and grow. and

Social&Gamification go!

Using Phone Apps, Texting & Games to connect with customers on their Mobile Phone!!!

Dean Takahashi go!

lead writer for GamesBeat at VentureBeat

Gökhan Yücel go!

Policy Consultant▸ ▸ ▸ ▸ ▸ ▸ ▸

S. Johnston-Robinett go!

I find&make resources&games for reading & my 3sons. EduTech NUT! BIG advocate of & . Learning 2make games! Back2college soon!

CloudCaptive go!

Providing the first open source gamification platform on the market

Emil Ahangarzadeh go!

Technology newsmaster. Tweets on K12 edu, the Internet, gamification, movies/television, & AI. Killer gams. Heart of gold. Ed-tech ninja. That’s right. Ninja.

Gamification Nation go!

Create engagement through game dynamics, game mechanics and game psychology in your business and training. Put the playfulness back in your business!

Tom Chatfield go!

Author, geek, pianist, tea drinker. My latest book, Netymology, tells the stories behind techy words: from @ signs to zombies, via apps, daemons and grokking…

GamificationResearch go!

The Gamification Research Network collects news, discussion, and resources on the study of game design elements in non-game contexts

Institute of Play go!

We design experiences that make learning irresistible

Rafael Siqueira go!

CTO and Founder of – Gamification, Location(LBS), SEO, WEB 2.0, Online Marketing, Future Trends, Mobile Apps

Tela Andrews go!

Sr. Product Manager and lead data planner . Tweet on SEO, marketing, UX, gamification, design. In Seattle w/ 3 kids & awesome wife.

endafk go!

Events about gamification and game mechanics, and where brands meet games

Caroline Japic go!

Senior Vice President, Marketing at Bunchball, the leader in Gamification

Nadya Direkova go!

Design innovator, Game designer, UX designer, Googler + X. Start up advisor. Teacher and speaker on user engagement. Macaron, merengue and marzipan lover…

For the Win go!

A project to promote the serious study and practice of gamification.

ゲーミフィケーション情報 go!



HULK SMASH! BUT ONLY FOR POINTS AND BADGES! Alexandra Wilkis Wilson: Co-Founder. Author with of NYTimes bestselling book: By Invitation Only.


A game about going places, doing challenges and earning points! Tweets from . Say hello!

Keith Ng go!

hustle ninja & co-founder of , the ninjas behind – world’s simplest platform. &

Gamification Lab go!

Gamification Lab es un evento sobre gamificacion, una tendencia que está revolucionando el mundo online y el modo de lograr engagement con los clientes.

Raph Koster go!

MUDs. UO. SWG. Game Design. Guitar. Poetry.

JP Rangaswami go!

Passionate about things I care about. My family. My church. My friends. Books and music. Information. Its free passage and enrichment

Jesse Redniss go!

Emmy Nominated multi-platform storyteller & SVP Digital, USA Network. , , Social, , , Music, Food and Wine. Opinions mine

Gabriel Mamou-Mani go!

Président Fondateur : Social Gaming for Marketing performance. Web marketing sur Facebook

ddebow go!

Dad, SVP .com, entrepreneur (Rypple, Workbrain), music fan, and curious person.

42Terabytes go!

42 Terabytes is a boutique social rewards firm specializing in social rewards platforms and gamification initiatives. go! è un blog sulle Game-based Business Solutions, creato e gestito da srl.

continued… see full list.