Leading Adwords Consultant San Francisco & London Reveals Secrets

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There’s a trick to everything, right?

Well, with Google Adwords, since it’s so complex and so dynamic, there are a lot of secrets that can raise your sales by 500%. No, that’s not a typo. Not 50%. 5x. That’s because most people managing their Google Adwords accounts can’t be bothered to micro manage their settings.

Adwords consultant London and San Francisco explains that while it’s true that most changes to your adwords account might only make a few percentage difference, there are several that will immediately drop your costs in half and vault your CRT and CPA up twice.

You add those numbers up and you’ll immediately see a 500% growth.

Some of the strategies involve making sure you’re in the 3rd position using automated scripts. Other strategies explain how to use automation to micro outbid or under bid your competition every hour. Probably the least understood but most important to CPC is your adwords score. The Youtube video explains how any why you need to make one ad group per keyword per url to get between a 8/10 and 10/10 score.

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