iPhone 5 and 4s iOS 6 Bug: 112 or 911 Calls Fail in South Korea

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(Via iPhone Programmers) Apple maps has been getting a lot of heat recently. Even Google’s CEO gave Apple a tongue lashing about their implementation of maps from Tom-Tom. But that’s might soon be the least of their worries.

Youtube: iPhone 5 and 4s iOS 6 Bug: 112 or 911 Calls Fail in South Korea

In South Korea, home of their arch-rival Samsung (whom they recently fought and haven’t yet collected their $1B), 911 doesn’t work.

In Korea, 911 is 112. That calls police.

But due to a serious and potentially life endangering bug in iOS 6, when you call 112, you get 119, the fire department.

You might think that’s not half bad. You’d be wrong. I’m in Seoul right now. The biggest crisis in the media now is that women are being murdered by rapists with gps anklets after they call 112 and 119 because there is very little to no inter departmental cooperation. In fact, in many of these cases, the answering dispatcher is quoted as saying that “it’s probably just a couple fight. We don’t have to send anyone.”

Now, to make matters worse, users of the iPhone 4s with iOS 6 can’t even call 112.

So they are resorting to posting messages on Facebook and sending Kakao talk messages to friends asking THEM to call and ask for the police for them.

Some Koreans are beginning to wonder if this bug as intentional. That’s a slippery scary slope.

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