Industrial Designers in Korea Take Wood Bending To the Next Level

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Nobody innovated wood design like the Danish or Ray and Charles. But from a country that has only been known for technology mee-too products, new and innovative designers are finally starting to emerge.

Industrial designers in Korea like Bentek are finally breaking the mold. The name doesn’t sound haute couture (it sounds more like a manufacturing plant than a high end line) but the furniture they produce is getting close to it. As a Korean with family still living in and around Seoul, i’m rooting for Korean designers to be able to make a meaningful and disruptive contribution to industrial design as the Scandanavians have been doing since the 40’s.

There’s a great deal of amazing innovation that’s come from that little peninsula including the first wooden movable type press that predates Gutenberg (at 1230 AD) and precision wooden home building that didn’t require a single hammer or nail to build. I’m looking forward to this kind of innovative rennaisance from Korea in contemporary furniture design.