HR Hiring Team Building Strategy

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It’s funny how humans work.

If you’re a ruthless cold hearted bastard genius like Steve Jobs was, the slightest nod will make hires glow with satisfaction. If you’re a kind and empathetic boss, employees will take advantage of you. So, when you’re building a team for a project, don’t hire the right people for the job. Hire all the right people and a few wrong ones.

You need necks to chop once a month.

That way, you don’t end up looking like a push over if you don’t roll any heads. And you’re not stuck in a situation where you have to cut someone with real talent to keep everyone focused and on track.

This is why you were fired from that mega job that was too good to be true. You were hired for the role of sacrificial lamb.

This is what all the big CEOs do. It works.

Moral of the story, don’t buy a car the moment you get hired into Microsoft. Give it a while.

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