How To Sell Fashion Tech Gadgets and Products on Pinterest

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I just hit 1,000 Pinterest followers.

That’s not a big deal. What IS a big deal is that I did it 100% native.

In other words, most people who have over 1,000 followers on Pinterest did it by asking their 10,000 Twitter followers or 25,000 blog subscribers that they built up over 7 years to follow them on Pinterest too.

But if you’re like most other people who just came up with a beautiful new product you want to sell, you got nuttin.

You don’t have a 50,000 baby products lovin’ person email list because you just now found that weird looking baby stroller today. That means that by the time you have built up enough of a demographically targeted follower base that would be interested in your new found products, somebody else will have saturated the market with something similar.

So what do you do?

Do what We did. We used Guerrilla Marketing strategies to build a 1,000 person Pinterest follower base in about 92 hours. You can do it in half the time or even a 1/10th of the time if you have more computers and more ISPs.

How we did it was start with a demographic target.

We have a website that sells tech gadgets. So getting a mountain of baby product buyers wouldn’t work for us. We found exactly 3,720 people on Pinterest who either said they bought or commented on products similar to ours. Then, we left 1 comment on each of the 3,720 persons’ pins publicly. That got their attention and that gets the attention of the followers of each of the persons whose pins we commented on.

Try it. You’ll find that for every 3.5 comments you leave, you’ll get 1 follower back.

If you get a lower conversion rate, it’s because your Pinterest profile looks boring and dislikeable.

You’ll also find that this process takes MUCH MUCH MUCH longer than the 92 hours it took us. To find out how we did it in about 10 days, you’ll have to subscribe to our private and free Guerrilla Marketing Trade Secrets. Major Ad Agencies have already done it.