How To Reach Target Market Consumers Without Advertising on Blogs or Adwords

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If you sell a sports product, you advertise in Sports Illustrated magazine because that’s where sports lovers spend 17.3 minutes per day. They spend 23 total minutes on the swimsuit issue so you pay more for media buy and placement on that issue.

If you sell a tech product, you advertise on Computer Shopper or a Ziff Davis weekly for the same reasons.

You do realize that this blog post is 55 years old, right?

Let’s fast forward to now.

You advertised with magazines and TV or radio because there was no other way for you to reach your target market. Now, you don’t have to go through the media. You don’t need a medium. You can directly contact the people who read the blogs you’re trying to advertise on.

That’s right. You can directly contact the people who read the blogs you’re trying to advertise on.


Just do a quick Twitter search for the blog url that you’re drooling to advertise on. Next, do a Pinterest search. Next, do a Tumblr search.

You’ll see hundreds of thousands of unique people who read and interact with the blogs that can sell your stuff. OK, sure. You’re not going to see 100% of all of the readers of your marketing target blogs. Doesn’t matter. The people you won’t find in social media are the recluse readers. They are the people that read Dezeen, Core77, Mashable, and never tell anybody about what they read. So even if you had their home addresses and sent two gorgeous Jehovah’s Witness girls over to sell them your products, even if they bought, they’d never proselytize.

You want proselytizers. You want people who will sneeze your product out both nostrils and make you go viral. These are the people you’ll find by doing the above 3 searches.

So, now that you found them, how do you get them to buy your products?

Remember, they don’t know you. They don’t trust you. They don’t like you. If you just got the bloggers they trust to say something nice about your product, you know they’d buy you out. But they don’t know you from Adam. So how do you contact them in a way that

a. produces trust

b. convinces them to buy

c. doesn’t get you banned from Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr for spamming.

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