How to Market / Sell to the Rich BabyBoomers and GrandParents using Social Media and Facebook

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Via SMO Social Media Marketing and Internet PR Firm

Marketing Strategies: How to Market to the Rich (GrandParents and BabyBoomers) in Facebook and Social Media

There are only two ways to market to any demographic:

1. Directly

2. Indirectly

When marketing to any group, expecially a savvy target audience like the Wealthy, the Baby Boomers, and GrandParents, the two requirements for persuasion must be flawless:

1. Credibility

2. Rapport

If one of these two requirements for persuasion are don’t measure up, getting your BabyBoomer demographic to respond favorably fails.

This whitepaper will address both:

A. How to Build Rock Solid Credibility and Rapport within the BabyBoomer Demographic to Market to Them Directly

B. How to Borrow It From Already Trusted Strategic Allies and Partners by Marketing to Them Indirectly (using borrowed influence).


Indirect Marketing: How to Seduce Strategic Partners and Allies Who Will Give You a Warm Introduction Into the BabyBoomer / GrandParent Demographic

To find our strategic partners we first create a large list of potential partners based on the following criteria:

A. long standing relationship with BabyBoomers

B. thought of as reputable and credible by BabyBoomers

C. consistently and frequently messages BabyBoomers

Potential partners who fit the above 3 criteria were found in the media most used by BabyBoomers and GrandParents. Adweek reports that the top 10 most read publications by this group are as follows:

Title % saying they read it
People 26
The Costco Connection 20
National Geographic 17
Better Homes & Gardens 17
Time 16
AARP The Magazine 15
Consumer Reports 12
Sports Illustrated 11
In Style 11
Readers Digest 10

And when sorted by number of minutes each publication was read:

Title Minutes spent with Average Issue
Forbes 59
The New Yorker 58
The Economist 57
Money 55
Golf Digest 55
Fortune(1) 52
Consumer Reports 51
Men’s Health 50
National Geographic 50
Bloomberg Businessweek (2) 49
Source: GfK Survey of the US Consumer, Fall 2010 (1) Now triweekly, measured as biweekly in 1st half of survey. (2) as Businessweek

The potential marketing alliance list is the advertiser list for each publication. It is readily available upon request to the advertising department of each publication. An example of a potential marketing partner who appears in many of the above publications in both print and online versions is Ford Motor Company. Mark LaNeve is the COO and functions as the CMO as well: . He and his counterparts at all of the potential partner corporations should be reached and pitched by 

A. Physical Mail

B. Phone Call

C. Social Media: LinkedIn and Twitter: 

Strategic Partnership Development Tactical Action List

1. Create a research role for 2 people to create a list of 300 target potential partners.

Several individuals will be listed per partner corporation. Sort by smallest and most accessible first.

Total Time: 80 Hours.

2. Build company brand and presense over social media (via social media optimization marketing) and traditional media before contacting the listed.

Total Time: Ongoing

Areas where foothold needs to be established:

a. blog

b. community

c. facebook

d. twitter

e. pinterest

f. forums

g. newspapers

3. Create a PR (via press release and public relations strategies) outreach role of 3 people to make contact.

PR team manager guides presentation interaction and proposal strategy.

4. Sign deals where company piggy-backs on top of major advertisers as part of partnership.


Direct Marketing: How to Persuade BabyBoomers and GrandParents into Becoming Customers with Direct Contact as Applied to an Educational Website.

The following process has at it’s core a simple axiom, “Never Show Up On Your Neighbor’s Doorstep Empty Handed.”

Both prerequisites for creating a client: credibility and rapport, are satisfied by the following:

1. Build An “Outstanding Student” Feature Blog

Featuring their grand children will immediately establish rapport, credibility, and engender good will.

Communicate with and get content from teachers and principals here:

a. Publish Blog on Facebook and Twitter

b. Kids Google (via Google seo company) Each Other and Facebook Search Each Other. 

NOTE: Also feature outstanding teachers, science fair winners, sports leaders, etc…

People pay attention when you use their (grandkids’) name.

2. Host Online Contests for Students

a. publish contest via

– press release

mommy blogger outreach

– direct outreach to teachers via twitter

b. release all-call for sponsors and partners

c. extend invitation to students already mentioned in “Outstanding Student” blog.

3. Create Disruptive Education Blog or Site

a. post examples of innovative teaching methods or lessons

this example has over 100,000 views: HackEdu – Innovative Teaching Methodologies

b. rapidly collect Facebook (via social media marketing) likes and email subscribers offering new content alerts

4. Create a Role for Consultative Sales / Social Media Team

a. engage grandparents in valuable conversation based on social media (via social media optimization marketing) filters like:

5. Build Tangential Support Using Crowdsourcing Sites Like Kickstarter For:

a. publicity

b. funding

c. VC exposure

(details and process in extended document)
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Direct Contact Messaging: The CenterPin of Conversation

The above action items define HOW to reach and communicate with our target audience. This section will define WHAT to say at each of the points of communication. This includes how to steer the closing arguements for each and every blog post.

1. Emphasize the direct relationship between reading comprehension level and wealth. 


2. Brand GenzOnline’s proven ability to vault young users’ reading comprehension ability.

3. Ask the user to register

a. present FAQs to address potential points of resistance and overcome.

b. incentivise with bonuses and loss leaders to push fence sitters.