How to Make a Media Kit / Prospectus for VC Investors and Strategic Partners

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How to Make a Media Kit or Prospectus for VC Investors and Strategic Partners

I’m trying to get away from my office, as much as I love everybody, and go for a walk. I do about as much yoga-like stretching as I do walking as I heard that stretching promotes more blood circulation down to the microcapillarial level than anything else. And I got an email. So I had to run back into the office to write this blog.

It was the 9th email today telling me that they need help with marketing and when I asked what they do, they said they need to explain it to me on the phone.

Guys, look, if you can’t explain your company, how ya gunna to explain anything to customers? Employees?

And yes, your most pressing problem: How to Get Venture Capital Investors and Angel Investors or Launching a Kickstarter Campaign.

If you’re not good at communication, get a partner who is. If you don’t no matter how good your product or service is, you’ll fail.

As an alternative, maybe you don’t need a Cyrano. Maybe all you need is a Media Kit or Prospectus to communicate to 

1 potential strategic partners

2 distributors

3 employees

4 new hires

5 press and bloggers

6 investors

7 banks

8 commercial property owners (yep, they care what you do to make sure that you fit the theme of their industrial park. This empowers them to brand their property as the IT place to be if you do XYZ)

In fact, if you don’t have a media kit, even in simple email text form, don’t bother contacting anybody. Seriously. Nobody I know in the above 8 groups spends more than 1.3 seconds reading an email from someone they don’t know. 

When’s the last time you did?

Most of the important people you want to talk to get an email every 90 seconds. They might get about 400 legitimate business emails a day. If you want their attention, you’re going to need a media kit.

A Media Kit shows you respect their time.

“I Was Going to Write You A Short Letter But I Didn’t Have Time. So Here’s a Long One Instead.”

How to Structure a Media Kit:

Actually, I was just going to link to an excellent blog post on how to build a media kit. But there are none. Seriously. 

And it’s understandable. Every company, every project has such a unique fingerprint that it’s impossible to create a HOWTO document that gives every single reader step by step instructions on making a Media Kit that gets you in the door. 

But, there are key foundation principles that every media kit and every principal must follow if your goal is to:

A. Communicate What You Do

B. Persuade To Get What You Need

C. Open Doors To Broader Communication (Even Meetings)

To accomplish these three goals, this is how you have to build your media kit.

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1. Your Media Kit must not be about you. FATAL MISTAKE: 

I know. It’s ironic. But this is the single biggest mistake I see made by even major Fortune 100 corporations. Most of the Media Kits I see close doors starting with the first sentence,

Horrible Headlines You Use Often:

“Who Is Breguet Inc?” or

“Breguet Has Been Making Watches for 3,000 Years.”

Are examples of the kinds of headlines that slam doors.

Here’s why: Nobody cares about you.

Let me clarify. Nobody without a preexisting vested interest in you cares about you. This is why your parents and friends care about you. They have a pre existing vested interest in you.

What you’re trying to get from the people in groups 1-8 are an investment.

So, to communicate with them in a way that’s gripping to them is to… Talk about THEM.

Open with a headline that addresses: “WIIFM” (What’s In It For Me?)

Headline Examples That Get You Answers

So possible alternative headlines for Breguet Watch Makers Inc’s media kit would be:

A. “How to Always Get A Second Date (Especially If Your First Flops)”

B. “How to Get CEOs To Pay Attention To You.”

Body Copy That Seduces Your Target to Continue Reading

Both of the two headlines above are targetted to exactly the same demographic but the two value propositions are absolutely different. The WIIFMs of both headlines are clarified in the opening first paragraph:

A. Everyone gets the first date shivvers. Even the beautiful woman you invited out. But few people get a second date. What’s the secret of the people who do? It’s that je-ne-sais-quo that keeps making her dwell on you. It’s that elusive something about you that keeps making you pop back up in her mind. And that’s what wearing a $100,000 Breguet Watch will give you.

B. Everyone meets with powerful people from time to time. Few people get a positive response from them. What’s the secret of the people who do? By their very being, they demonstrate vision. They demonstrate capability. They demonstrate selectivity. And they have charisma. This is what persuades the powerful to do what you want them to. And thats what wearing a $100,000 Breguet Watch will buy you.

TIP: Just add the word “You” in the title and reframe around that.

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2. Follow the WHAT, WHY, HOW, WHERE, WHEN, WHO Model

In journalism 101, they give you a really cool formula for writing a story. They say that every article must answer the following questions:







And generally, in that order. Go ahead. Read any news article or blog written by a pro. Magically, you’ll find that they answer the above 6 questions in exactly that order most all the time.

But in media kit presentation, the goal is not to inform. The goal is to pursuade. 

So, the order changes. This is the order in which your Media Kit has to answer the key 6 questions:

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1. What (‘s in it for me)

2. Why (you should have us give it to you)

Emphasis is always on “you.” The biggest mistakes I see people making here are again turning the emphasis back on themselves: “Why we are the best at making it happen.”

Don’t make this mistake. Keep the emphasis on the reader – your target.

3. How (this is actually done)

Let’s face it. The first two points are all assertions and claims. #3: “HOW” is the rational explanation of the mechanics that justify #1 and #2. Bring in scientific data here. Show what’s behind the black curtain. Give your target visibility and understanding. Bring testimonials into the picture here. This is where you build your case. #1 and #2 is where is state your case.

4. Where (you can get your products)

This and the next two questions are strictly dimensional items. They only apply to people with a physical retail location or event location. If you have an app, this could apply to the iTunes Store or Android Play.

5. When (you must act)

Again, this is dimensional. If your company or product has an expiration date, maybe it’s a solar eclipse viewer you’re selling. Or a “vote Romney” hoodie.  If not, move to the last point.

6. Who (you must grab)

Finally, now, you can talk about yourself. I know. You’ve been holding your breath for a long time. This is why so few companies ever see their first customer. Few can hold their breath long enough to focus on their target before verbally diarrheaing on about themselves.

If you need help getting into blogs or getting venture capital or Angel Investors to listen to you talk to us:

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