How to Get Free Unlimited Marketing from Professional Firms

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Well, it’s official.

If you’re starting up a new business either online or offline in a physical brick and mortar building, you’re going to need marketing support from people who eat, sleep, breath marketing. After all, you eat, sleep, and breath what you do. But when you’re transitioning away from your day job or expanding your business, the last thing you can afford to pay for is a consultant.

That’s why they are free now.

Welcome to The New Boot Strapping Guerrilla Marketing Community. We will help design and build your marketing strategy from your website verbage to your youtube viral video script and editing consulting. Just post what you have and we will chime in.

Just tell us what you need and what you’re willing to do for the community in return (as concisely as possible) and we will all converge at your front door to do the heavy lifting of

– resharing

– reblogging

– co-promoting

– liking

– following

– advising




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