Guerrilla Marketing Strategies: How to Triple Sales Revenues by Investing 5k

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Guerrilla marketing strategies overcome the need for high budget daily drip advertising in Adwords and Facebook Ads. But you’re really got to know your landscape.

You’ve heard this before: “It’s a numbers game.”

Well, it’s not.

The only people who say it’s a numbers game are the guys who excuse away their incompetence by saying they just didn’t have enough exposure and reach. They say they just didn’t have enough traffic. They say they just didn’t have enough time. They say their budget just wasn’t big enough.

Well, we also all know that guy who can walk up to any girl in a bar and get digits. And this, while every other guy in the bar has to hit on at least half a dozen to get a phone number (probably because by the time he’s worked up to girl number 8, all the girls in the place have had at least 3 Grey Goose Cosmos in them).

You don’t need numbers if you have skill.

It’s NOT a Numbers Game

So now, let’s point the needle in a direction that might sting. How much skill, communication skill, persuasion skill, demographic targeting skill went into your website? Your press releases? Your blog posts? What about your social media (via social media optimization marketing) messages?

Do you know the one single word that multiplies attention and click through rates 750%? Did you know that that word is probably NEVER used in any of your mar-comm?

THIS is how you triple your sales revenues in about 3 weeks for under $5,000: Marcomm and Guerrilla Marketing Strategy: Massively Raising Your Sales Revenues on a Recession Level Low Budget

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