Guerrilla Marketing Automation: How to Defeat Fortune 500 Marketing Budgets Alone

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Major corporations have 25 Columbia and NYU journalism grads working on their social media accounts from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest over 2 shifts– every day.

To compete with them and build your business, you need an unfair advantage. The most unfair advantage you can use is Social Media Marketing Automation Software. But the trouble is, you risk having your accounts banned and losing all the followers you’ve build painstakingly.

I’ve spent 5 years building up my youtube channel on viral marketing and my guerrilla marketing secrets email list/database. Both can be banned and deleted at any time if I violate either social media network’s Terms of Service or TOS.

I can’t afford for that to happen.

You know what the #1 cause of being banned or blocked is? Using marketing automation software.

If you make a mistake in your marketing by hand, you can only make that mistake a few times a day before you get a warning. If you use software, you can make that mistake a thousand times a day and never even notice that you blew past 2 warnings and got banned.

The Solution: Social Media Marketing Automation Scripting

This is why I use a script. If you use scripting, you’re not manipulating Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, of Pinterest. The script manipulates your mouse and keyboard instead of you.

Basically, scripts mimic you.

So, there’s no way for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, or Any other SNS to know that you’re using software. This is what I mean:

You stay in 100% control. Your usage is totally unique and doesn’t follow anybody else’s patterns. It’s the perfect unfair advantage.

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