Is Guest Blogging Dead? Did Google and Matt Cutts Kill It?

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Guest blogging isn’t dead.

Only things that have lived at some point can die.

Guest blogging has never been effective or as “alive” in the way good content development has and is. Sure, Matt Cutts in several of his Webmaster videos has said that Google’s latest algorithm is discounting the link value of guest blogged posts. But that’s not to say that those posts or blogs were ever that valuable in the first place.

To be fair, if you got a blogger of a high page rank blog drunk enough to let you post on his blog, his blog would pass rank to your links. But you’re missing the real value–reblogs (and he’d lose subscribers–the reason is below).

If you write a post and it’s good, dozens of other blogger will also link to that post. you’ve created a big ripple effect. As a guest blogger, no matter how good your post, you’re just not going to get the same size ripple as the main author.

Let’s put this into perspective. If Conan takes a vacation and a guest host takes over the show, the viewership ALWAYS drops.

People read a blogger’s blog because of that blogger. They are used to that blogger’s style, humor, perspective, tone, etc… You’re not going to sound the same. So you’re just not going to get the same reception.

So what’s the solution? It’s simple. Get the original lead blogger to interview you. If you’re having a hard time getting that to happen, become more interesting.

What I’m saying is that guest blogging was never very effective and it’s totally worthless now that it doesn’t even pass rank for Google search purposes. Basically, if you’re going to appear on the Oprah show, make sure that you don’t host that one time slot. Make sure Oprah is there and you get her to interview you.

If you get the main author to write about you and link to you, however you make this happen (pitch, bribe, sponsorship, or by threat), you’ll get all the benefit of his author rank and his blog’s page rank. So keep on networking. Nothing has changed–at least not the best practices.

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Most successful father in Hong Kong

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If you’re a regular subscriber, lets do something fun. One of my buddies inspired me. I asked him if he could pick anything that he wanted to be on google page one for… What would it be… He said, “successful father”

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ADVANCED Marketing Camp for Pros by Cogent Coach

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Every once in a while I meet a marketing pro who doesn’t just do marketing. He takes responsibility and follows through down to the sale. It’s easy enough to tell a client


But a real marketing pro knows that his job isn’t to just drive clicks. It could a flock of cats sitting on keyboards across the nation doing the clicking! What marketing is supposed to do is make your clients recoup their investment and much more back. How else are you going to retain your relationship with your marketing firm if they don’t at least get you your ROI?!

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Social Media Marketing Harvard and Columbia MBA Course

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“I’m not catching any fish!” I told my buddies dad.

“What am I doing wrong?” I continued.

He gave me an answer that took me decades to understand. And now that I understand the answer, I realize what’s going wrong every single time I don’t get the desired outcome.

His response to me was, “that’s because you’re not fishing.”

“I’m not getting any sales using social media! What’s wrong with everybody on twitter/facebook/Pinterest?!” Is the question that reminds me of that 5am foggy morning. And I get this question just about daily from prospective clients.

So lets deal with this question and answer the issue of how to SELL using social media marketing in our new Condensed Social Media Marketing MBA Course Outta Harvard and Columbia

Music Marketing Strategy: The Secret of Driving Revenues and Sales

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This is an excerpt from an email I sent to a musician, Dan Voth. It’s almost twice a day that musicians ask for marketing help. This is what we tell all of them:

Thanks for contacting us at for your marketing.

Marketing music takes a lot of work or a ton of money or a bit of both.

That’s because BEFORE people have a chance to NEED to seek out new music, It’s thrust out at them by the media.

So that means the demand is low while the supply is HIGH.

THAT having been said, you CAN build a massive base and sell your music via:

1. Commercial Royalties

2. Concerts

3. Sponsors

MORE: How to Make Money With Music

Who are your top 3 competitors? The best known people who sound similar to you? Starting there will give us access to their fans who send them messages to them publically all day long — and we can userp them.

This is the strategy we use to make musicians famous. We did it for The FRAY.

ADVANCED: Google SEO Secrets: High Relevance Blog Backlink Building

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Let me start by giving you a pat on the back. I know how hard it’s been for you to get real blogs in your industry to link to your site. It’s frustrating and painful.

So I want to share one method of getting links from real websites in precisely your own niche to link directly to your site without any spam risk. Once you see how this is done, it should feel like atleast one of the boulders on your shoulders has been lifted.

You’re going to need Firefox, an Add-On called SEO Quake, a account and our new private video: How to get high page rank, high relevance blogs to link to your site in bulk.

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Advanced Google SEO: How To Select or Pick Your Keywords

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Let’s say, just for arguement’s sake, that you don’t sell what you sell.

Let’s say that you sell something else. And let’s say that something is something that everybody needs or at least buys on a regular basis. OK. I got something in mind.

Now, let’s say that you’re in Koreatown and thousands of people per day ask your neighbors where you’re located, “Herro, whehya isa Pranks Pass Poo?”

They will never find you if your syntax doesn’t match theirs.

Almost daily, we have new clients telling us they want to be in google under the terms:

“endoscopic laparoscapy.”


superhydrophobic nanotech vacuum deposition

We tell them, “No. what you want is,

boob job


water repellent spray.”

Remember, the consumer doesn’t speak your language. So then, how do you go about picking the right words to target in Google Adwords or Google Organic SEO?

1. Guest at a Keyword in

2. Put the Relevant Suggestions into Adwords Keyword Tool

3. Use the Adwords Traffic Estimator

4. Take the Keywords That Look Juiciest And Put them Back Into Google 

This shows you how much competition you have. If one keyword can bring you twice as much traffic but upon doing a Google search, you find that the other keyword has half the competitors, you know which way to go.

5. Use Google Trends To See Actual Searches Over Time.

6. Finally, Conduct Two A/B Split Tests for Both the Organic and Adsense Routes

This test will give you accurate long term ROI estimates and show you which route and which term fits your budget best.

If you want us to do it for you, contact us at


Just typing into Google shows you what CONSUMERS are searching for.


Adwords KeyWord Tool shows you what other ADVERTISERS are targeting.


Typing these keywords back into Google shows you how much competition you have: 124,000,000 results.


98,000,000 results


3.75Billion results.


Adwords Traffic Estimator tells you how much you need to spend to be the #1 sponsored result for 24 hours. In this case, $9,000 a day.

Each click costs $3.00

It takes about 800 clicks to make a sale. So you’ll spend $2,400 to make one sale. (How to flip the numbers so it’s worth it: Adwords Guerrilla Marketing Secrets)


Finally, use Google trends to show you a real world to-scale traffic vs cost over time analysis.

Use all the information above to launch small tests of about $1000 per word. Then plan your marketing campaign. For help,