Google SEO: How to Raise Your Rank Without Links. Trade Secret #43

by marketing on 06/27/2012

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Via SMO Social Media Marketing and Internet PR Firm

You thought you already know all the Google SEO Secrets there is to know? Think again:


Remember when was big? Maybe you don’t. Digg was all about user input for selecting what showed up on it’s front page. Google (via Google seo company) took a huge hint from Digg’s success.

Most everyone forgot this even happened.

So you might be wondering, “how on earth can Google (via Google seo company) even know what a user thinks of the results on any given page?”

It’s simple. If you’ve ever used Google’s webmaster tools, you’ll get a hint. Google (via Google seo company) tracks SERP page CTRs. Translated: Search Engine Results Page Click Through Rates. So Google (via Google seo company) keeps track of how many clicks each one of it’s links gets.

If a link in position #3 gets more clicks than a link in position #2, Google (via Google seo company) knows that it’s more popular than the one above it. So it automatically promotes it!

Your website can rise in Google (via Google seo company) without a single additional link pointing to it.

So how do you go about getting people to click on your link in Google? Regardless of what page it’s on, copy the url and do this:

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