Google SEO Copywriting: Top 3 Techniques To Jump In Google Rankings

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If you’re a writer, you know the importance of getting your work out there and visible. The trouble is that there are a million urls with topics that sound and look similar to Google’s algorithm spider. So how do you stand out?

What are the top bloggers and copywriters doing to SEO their blog posts?

Chances are, they are not doing the following 3 top things to get to bump your blog post to page one of Google:

1. Make all links EXCEPT the links going to your sites “nofollow.”

Every url and page has “X” amount of link juice. If you let that juice leak out over 20 different links, you’ll have none left for yourself. Do a “view source” to see the html code and look for “nofollow” here: Only links to go to our own websites are DOfollow. All others are NOfollow.

2. Bold the keywords that you want to be found by.

Google reads the simple STRONG tag as an indicator of your topic.

3. Erase older blog posts and write on top of them.

If you make a brand new blog post, that link will have zero backlinks. Think about it. Keep reusing urls instead of making new ones.

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