Gmail App: How to Email All Your Contacts a Newsletter without MailChimp or AWeber

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I know I drop the ball. I get about 120 emails a day. And I know I don’t get back to everybody. After about a year, I’ll have another 2,000 email addresses in my contacts and I won’t be able to stay in touch with them. What a shame.

So, I fixed the problem.

Now, I can stay in touch with everybody in my Gmail contacts.

Sure, there’s the temptation to abuse what I’m about to show you to send all your contacts a newsletter advertising your business, products, or service… don’t. Seriously. Don’t.

Here’s why:

1. Nobody reads newsletters.

When was the last time you did?

2. Even if you opted in and you remember the sender when you get their email, you still don’t read the newsletter.

That’s because nobody reads newsletters.

3. You can still present them with all your news without sending a newsletter.
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How To Email News Without Sending a Newsletter

What I do is send a message that 100% of my recipients will open. And 100% of them will open it because they will know it’s a personal email I sent them.

4. By law, if you send a newsletter, you have to include an opt-out link. 

That makes you look like a bottom feeder scummy mlm person. I know. I have CEOs of known companies spam me all the time after a brief email exchange. How’s that for abusing trust and my relationship?

But with a personal email, you don’t have to do anything unusual. You just have to do this:

ADVANCED Social Media Guerrilla Media Marketing: How to Send an Email or Newsletter to All Your Gmail Contacts.