Facebook Marketing Strategies: How To Show All Updates from Friends and Like Pages Likers In Feed

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Guerrilla marketing strategies #73: Have you noticed on your own Facebook that there are people you KNOW you friended but they never show up in your feed? You may have just figured they were too busy and evolved to use Facebook any more. Well, you figured wrong. They use Facebook all the time and update Facebook like your daughter updates her wardrobe.

Sadly, your customers and fans may have thought the same thing about you because they never see the umpteen updates you post either. You simply do no appear in the home stream screen of the people who opted in to see your postings. Isn’t that weird to you?

Yep. Facebook hides 87% of your posts.


1. They want you to “pay to promote all your updates.”

That IS weird, isn’t it? That’s like your cell phone company saying, “well, if you want the other 87% of your phone calls to actually go through, you have to pay us a premium.”

2. That’s how they make money.

3. Money.

So, is there a way around this? Well, it wouldn’t be a worthy blog post if there wasn’t a hack. Tricky part is that your updates are going to have to be pretty damn interesting because you’re going to have to convince your likers and friends to do this: How to Show All Updates from My Like/Fan Page to My Likers and Friends. That’s where guerrilla content strategy becomes gold.

Continued: Social Media Marketing Strategies.

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