Executive Portrait Photographer in Maui With Something Different

by marketing on 12/12/2012

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Executive Portrait Photographer in Maui With Something Different

I worked with a photographer who was carrying a camera that was probably half her weight. It was far from her homes in Los Angeles and Maui. It was in Seoul. And she was on assignment for a major magazine publisher.

She spoke softly, she was thoughtful, and even on the busy bustling streets of Seoul, she had a way of just blending into the environment while shooting.

She fooled me. What I saw in the way she worked was a departure from what I saw in her work.

When her photos came out, they were powerful. they were crisp. They captured subtle emotions. While serving up photographs thick with implication, she was able to deliver a sort of royalty– an aspect of myself it took Sue Hudelson to capture.

This should help you reach her: http://suehudelson.wordpress.com

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