Email Productivity Strategy: How to Get 300% More Clients In 3 Months

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Via Kickstarter Strategies: How to Get VC Angel Investors and Event Management Company

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I remember losing my job several years back when I was still an employee. It hurt. But, being resilient, I immediately sent out 100 resumes a day via craigslist. After 2 weeks of getting no response, I decided to take a peek at the desks of the HR directors who were putting out those ads. I wanted to get to know the persons I was submitting to.

No, I didn’t stalk anybody.

I simply put up a Craigslist help wanted ad for a marketing director myself. I got 250 resumes on day one.

No wonder I wasn’t getting any calls! By day 3 or 4, when I sent my resume in, I was under a mountainous heap of dudes competing for that marketing position. So, this is what I decided to do… And I still use this technique today to get hired by clients. They just can’t lose me in their inbox:

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