Email App That Reminds You of People Who Never Replied?

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CRM Sucks.

You end up starting a file for people who don’t even reply to your first email. Turns out that 97% of the people that make it into your leads database probably won’t even respond to your first email. So that means that if only 3% of the people you contact are worth tracking, then you’re doing 33 TIMES more work than you need to. Let’s make it look worse by saying that you’re doing 3300% more work than you need to.

Don’t you want to have your ACT or Salesforce database filled with babies–without the bathwater?

We do. So we made an app developer in San Diego that only pours off the drossy foam at the top. It’s called “Tattle Email.” Actually, that’s just the code name. We use it to flush out evil idea trolls. The real name will be announced when Tattle hits the app developer in San Diego store Soon. And it will look this simple:

Two “Send Buttons:” One Normal Button and One With Reply Tracking

Sure, you’ll be able to custom specify different grace periods per email. But in general, you’ll know if someone is really interested within 2 days if they don’t respond. So that’d the default. There’s going to be a button that’s not shown below where you can set a custom timer. This email app developer in San Diego sure beats setting up an excel spreadsheet for every single email in your inbox vs every email in your sent mail!

Only Three Simple Settings to Customize How You Skim Away the Foam

If you’re the kind of guy/gal that works in a high stakes high speed industry, you may need faster than 48 hour cut-out-the-crap time cycles. For you, we’ve enabled stalker mode.

How to Get an Early Pre Release Beta Test Version App

Sure, we’re being silly here. But the app developer in San Diego is no joke. It will be released in the itunes app developer in San Diego store and Google Android Market shortly… and ONLY the people on our Sparkah beta tester list will get the PRE Release versions. That should get you a few weeks competitive advantage over your, ummm, competitors. Here’s that Beta Tester Pre Release App Request Page.


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