Dangerous Productivity Tips for Aggressive Entrepreneurs

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You do realize that only about 20% of your employees time is productive? They spend 80% of the time doing:

A. Repetitive Tasks

B. Waiting

– for the computer

– the printer

– an email answer

– for the water cooler

– for the restroom

– for their meeting

BUT, all this applies to you too. You also spend 80% of your time doing repetitive tasks or waiting.

In this world where Moore’s Law applies to everything from computer chip speed to business innovation, I recommend that you spend 80% of your time innovating instead of spinning that hamster wheel of yours. This is how.

1. Defragment Your Hard Disk Nightly.

It’s amazing how long you wait for a file to open or save. Add up one second here and there every minute and you’ve got 40 minutes of Hard Drive Spin Time waste.

2. Download RamBooster. It’s Free.

This little app developer in San Diego actually doubles your ram. No, it doesn’t give you twice as much ram. It rapidly recycles your ram so that data particles are dumped immediately and made usable to the apps you’re running now.

3. Download a Macro Scripting Program.

How often do you type, “Dear __________, Thank you for contacting XYZ Corporation. We appreciate your blah blah blah?” And many different variations?

80% of the first contact replies you send out to your prospects and customers contain the exact sentences. So instead of typing, store your most common 12 sentences whole and just hit F1-F12 to paste them in. It’s like having a super copy-paste feature.

This is what i mean: Marketing Automation
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4. Trade

Its amazingly simple to find experts who will do your hated work for free if you trade with them. Just google “________ forum” and in that blank, enter the name of the chore you hate.

You’ll find hundreds of discussion forums with experts who do taxes, accounting, organizing, etc.

Post up a trade offer and they will come.

5. Delegate

Use Craigslist. It’s amazing. You’ll get hundreds of people who want to work for pennies. It’s true. Try it. See: Marketing Automation for Craigslist

6. Stretch

Surprisingly (unless you do yoga), stretching challenges your nervous system as much as it does your muscular system. The act of stretching also rings out fat from your body making blood flow faster– this means lower blood pressure.

All in all, this means that your brain will work better. Yes, your real IQ will jump if you stretch. As an entrepreneur, you know how important each IQ point is.

7. Form an Alliance

Reach out to competitors and ask them to team up with you. Anybody big gets there by syndicating. From crime syndicates to TV network syndicates, to succeed, syndicate. This is how: http://sparkah.com/alliance

8. Get Delivery Service

There’s a delivery service for everything now. From laundry to catered dinner to make-up, there’s a delivery company for everything.

You’ll save time and the environment.

9. Use Child Labor (your own kids)

Teach them time management. Teach them expectation management. Teach them responsibility. We need it.

And, they will love the warm embrace of being a part of their parents’ work lives.

To Be Continued.

What other tips do you have? Leave them in the comments. I’ll give you credit and a link. – bob