Dangerous iPhone App & Android App Marketing Strategies: Review Exchanges

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It’s the classic chicken or the egg problem. You’ve spent $20,000 building a stellar app. You’ve got 5 downloads to show for it. They went into the iphones and android phones of your family members.

Nobody wants to download an app that doesn’t have dozens of positive reviews. But nobody wants to review an app that doesn’t have any downloads!

So how do you overcome this initial brick wall? The answer is surprisingly simple. Find hundreds of iphone, android, and amazon developers in your same boat. Do a review swap. 

But there are 2 big caveats to keep in mind. If you don’t know what they are, you’re in danger. If you know then but execute incorrectly, you’re in danger. This is what you need to know: Dangerous iPhone App & Android App Marketing Strategies: Review Exchanges 

One comment on “Dangerous iPhone App & Android App Marketing Strategies: Review Exchanges

  1. another way would be to get press mentions or reviews on app review sites. I know – easier said than done! But there are tools out there to make your life easier. You could contact an app marketing agency, or you can use a tool like:


    It’s is a competitively-priced service that submits your app to over 200 different tech blogs for review.

    Don’t try to fake your download numbers – that’s not a long term solution. If you have a good app, you’ll get a huge boost simply by being discovered by journalists and bloggers; that’s what Pitchpigeon can help you with! Hands down the best way to promote your app is to be written about.

    Now, you can’t engineer this nor fake it, but you can certainly give yourself a better chance of being reviewed by working with review brokers and PR companies with publisher connections.

    Pitchpigeon http://pitchpigeon.com

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