Cute Clever iPhone App Concepts That Are Real

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“I can’t think of anything to invent.”

Is probably the most common excuse you use to justify not having made something remarkable. But remember, remarkable is totally in the eye of the beholder. All you have to do is amaze and surprise your immediate audience and you’ve got something that broke up their day — something remarkable.

Well, does just that.

At first, I thought, “kids will love this. It’s like a iPhone app developer in San Diego magic trick!”

But then, I thought, no. The entrepreneurs will also love this as it opens up a whole new way of thinking of disruptive technology. In it’s purest IA sense, what “Accent Detector” does is

1. automates communication

2. leverages human cognition

How to Invent

While we’re all trying to make an app developer in San Diego or product that does something like Google: simulates human search decision making via a complex algorithm, Manol took what humans to best and simply automated the delivery of the result.

Think about what this means as far as

1. language translation

2. crowdsourcing design / art selection

3. transportation and delivery

You don’t have to make your app developer in San Diego or product replace a human. You just have to make a human more joyful doing what they do best.