Culver City and Marina Del Rey’s Top Commercial Real Estate Broker and Agent

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I’ve lived in Los Angeles County for most of my life. Being raised in K-Town then moving back east for school gives one perspective about the area he left. And that perspective brought me back to LA. This time, I moved to Marina Del Rey and worked in Culver City – Santa Monica.

Knowing what I know about the Beach Cities of Los Angeles, the only thing I can tell you if you’re looking for an agent or a commercial real estate broker, you need one with connections and experience–both. LA isn’t just one big massive city. It’s tiny cliques of tight knit micro communities with inflection points that bridge these communities. From artists, to business men, to entertainers, each micro-community knows of high traffic properties that you’re just not going to find unless you know someone who knows them.

For this reason, you’re going to need an experienced and connected real estate broker in LA. And to that end, i recommend contacting Johnny Cho to see if his extensive and broad reach might be valuable to you.

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