Craigslist Email Extractor: Spider for Extracting Craigslist Emails

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How to Extract 1000s of Email Addresses From The Jugular of Craigslist:

Reaching 1000 Hiring Companies in 30 Minutes

We all know that business is a numbers game. The more people you can reach, the more numbers you’ll have in your bank account.

And the worlds STILL biggest source of contacts for people who actually need you right now is Craigslist.

But time is also money. So if you spend a bunch of time individually emailing one email at a time, your volume advantage bleeds through the gaping time hole in the bottom of your bucket.

So, I made a simple automated programming script to copy and paste all the email addresses from Craigslist into a txt file.

With that file, you can BCC dozens or hundreds of people at a time. Personally, I don’t BCC because it just loses it’s personal impact. But you can try both BCC blasting and scheduling gmail emails to see if there’s any difference in your conversion or response rates.

What even more exciting than being able to submit your CV, resume, or portfolio to hundreds of people who are actually in the hiring market right now is making them your subscribers. Yes, if you make these folks your friends, followers, contacts, links, and subscribers, even if they don’t hire you now, they will be repeated exposed to you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Etc. How you make these Craigslist job advertisers subscribe to your social media is simple.

How to Make Everybody in Craigslist Your Facebook or Twitter Subscriber

The Craigslist email address is a bubble. It expires in 2 weeks. So just email everybody and get as much work as you can. BUT, now, your goal is to get everybody’s real email address. To do that, make your opening first reply as general and broad as possible. Leave obvious holes in your cover letter so the reader has to email you back to ask you more questions. When they do, they will email you from their real email address. As soon as you reply, they are in your Gmail contacts. Actually, the easiest way to do this is to start with a fresh Gmail account and then add that email to your Facebook or Twitter etc after you’ve replied to everyone.

You’re half way there.

Finally, sync your Gmail contacts with your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. And all these sites will automatically connect you to the original Craigslist advertisers’ social networks.

This data is powerful stuff!

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