Clothing Manufacturer Los Angeles and New York City Gives Fashion Process Tour

by marketing on 11/26/2012

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It’s rare to get an industry insiders’ look inside a clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles and New York City. Most people have to go to fashion design school to qualify for a tour of a clothing manufacturer‘s plant. 

Parsons Fashion School in NYC costs $20,000 for a MFA. And yes, it takes about 6-7 years of fashion design schooling to get one.

So there must be a lot more than meets the eye to the fashion design and merchandising process. Today, we’re going to give you a big picture tour a our Los Angeles and NYC plants from fashion design, pattern making, textile sourcing, grading and marking, cutting, sewing, dyeing, washing and merchandising. 

We even give you a glimpse into how the LA Mart and California Mart and New Mart wholesale buyer system works.

This video will give you a rapid download of the entire fashion industry:

You might be surprised how much thought goes into something as simple as the grain of a textile and how to lay the pattern on a marker. Enjoy.

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