Business Model Design Strategies

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I’m sitting at a cafe working on a big wooden slab table. There’s a designer from some design company sitting across from me. They are talking about designing for a specific outcome. She’s talking with her coworkers. In adobe illustrator or photoshop, that’s easy to do.

In designing your business, it’s harder. Much.

When this group of designers walked in with their boss, I thought of how most design firms grow. There’s on talented designer with strong business relationships. She gets too much work and she hires others to do the work she can’t or prefers not doing.

So business grows as a reaction to events that are temporary.

Businesses make (somewhat) permanent decisions based on temporary events.

That’s like marrying every guy that gets you pregnant.

So instead of growing your business based on what you need now, what would happen if you grew your business based on what you want later?

Technology is changing. Laws change. Market demand changes faster than ever. Just a few years ago, there was no such thing as a freemium. Now, you can indeed get things for free that you couldn’t get for millenia before that. Will what you do or sell soon be worth nothing more than bait for something else?

Premium content is given away to earn one email address. If you don’t give your email address, well, you never see the last episode. But who cares, there are even better episodes that just started with more realistic CG and innovative plot lines.

3d CAD files for 3d printing are now as free as gifs for Reddit.

You launch a website for your law practice or accountancy and 999 of the 1000 emails you get are people who want to DIY.

How do you design your business model in this constantly evolving landscape? How do you build a baseball field on quicksand? Thoughts?

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