Business Blogging Strategies for Generating Sales: 5 Advanced Marketing Tips Nobody Knows

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Via Kickstarter Strategies: How to Get VC Angel Investors and Event Management Company


Let me just come right out and ask.

When’s the last time your blog actually created a sale?

No, not a phone call. Not a contact request form completion. An actual sale.

WAIT. That question assumes you already have a blog. What if you don’t even have a company blog. Sure. Your website might explain what you do. Your website might explain your company’s value to the market. Your site might even explain the pros and cons of your products and services vs a competitor’s. So why do you need a blog?

Well, what your site can’t do (and really shouldn’t) is elaborate on all the possible applications for your product. At this point, you might be wondering, “what other applications are there?! It’s just a ___BLANK___.” 

Even if all you do is sell wire coat hangers, you’ll never reach out to more than just your core market if you don’t blog about exceptional ways to use your product. And here’s how you do: Business Blogging Basics: 5 Strategies for Converting Sales Nobody Uses

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