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BI, Business Intelligence Consulting Firm Los Angeles New York City and Hong Kong Reveal How Big Data Visualization Predicts Markets

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There are people who can cube fifteen digit numbers in his head. These guys can tell you the 394th prime number and give you it’s square root to the 29th decimal. Few of them can articulate how they did it. But when the BBC found one man, Daniel Tammet who could speak and converse, he explained that he saw numbers not as roman numerals but as moving 3 dimensional shapes with texture and sound.

So when he applied a function to two different shapes in his head, all he had to do is read the new shape. And to us, it just sounds like a string of Arabic numerals.

We take it for granted that the way we see and work with data is the way to work with data. But today’s modern methods of dealing with data has hit a wall the same way the Romans hit a wall when trying to multiply IIVX VX XX x IVXXXII VXXI IIXXX.

The way we deal with data and try to understand it is the same way the Arabs and Romans handled their accounting of sheep and linen. So when we deal with billions and trillions of parts and efficiencies at a scale of 1:1,000,000 and measure for DPO, DPMO, PPM, and DPU, you can see why the way these ancient cultures handled data just doesn’t work any more.

Companies who have figured out how to handle data like David Tammet include Target. They were recently featured in the NYT under the heading of Big Data. Target was able to predict that a young unmarried woman was pregnant before her family found out. They did this by evaluating her age, sudden buying behavior shift, and comparing to her purchasing history. The sent her coupons for expectant mothers. Her father intercepted those coupons.

Essentially, David and Target are using the same methodolgy for understanding macro statistics. They are using big data visualization. And it’s that exact same process that stakeholders, C level executives and managers can use to instantly see through departments, accounting forensics, markets, and internal HR efficiency.

Understanding more data gives your greater visibility over time — you can look into the future.

In Asia, there are stories of enlightened masters who can teach disciples how to visualize big data in their minds. But if you’re not 4 years old and wearing a yellow-clay died monk robe, we recommend that our OCM and MCSE programmers help you develop and program custom software that enables your Oracle, Microsoft, or HP servers to do all the hard work for you.

Then, our wireless networking team of CCIE and CCNA engineers will work with the programmers to make your data accessible via dashboard to any XML and HTML 5 device from a laptop to a smartphone. We’re at