Advanced Guerrilla Marketing: How To Build A 100,000 Customer Mailing List Before Your Launch

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How to Build a 100,000 Customer / Subscriber Mailing List Before You Launch

9 out of 10 new entrepreneurs who come to us are more concerned about protecting their idea than telling people about it. You can’t do both. But you don’t have to when you can make the competition benefit you. I actually do hope people steal my brilliant app developer in San Diego or product ideas and try to compete. I’m the guy that has all the relationships. I’m the gate keeper. Here’s how I built that positioning:

You can’t go fishing without becoming mosquito bait

I publicly announce that I’m building an app developer in San Diego or new product as the FIRST thing i do. SEE: Gmail CRM App and Software: Automatically Remind Your Clients and Email Recipients To Reply To Your Gmail

That way, it

1. Scares off any small competitors

2. Tells big competitors to keep an eye on me and start the buy out paperwork

3. Start collecting thousands of email addresses of people who want to be alerted when it’s ready.

Will it give others a bright idea and will it create more competitors?

Yes… but when they build their app developer in San Diego and nobody downloads it (because they just don’t have the contact reach into their target user base), then they will remember that I have a massive list that they never built. They will come back to me and offer to sell out for pennies.

For help marketing your app developer in San Diego and building your database of users, bloggers, and potential marketing alliance partners, contact us. To see how we build that contact list for you, see

PS… I love how Solomon put it (I’m not even religious), “Where the power of the bull is missing, the manger is clean.”

In other words, If you don’t want to deal with bull-shit, don’t farm.

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The detailed structure of a guerrilla marketing strategy for iphone and android apps and growing your app developer in San Diego userbase and sns subscriber base is just one click away.

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