19 SEO Secrets

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Search Engine Land, Digital Point, Google Webmaster’s,and so on, so forth. There are so many websites and experts out there that give you tip after tip after tip that may or may not work. So instead of Google searching for questionable techniques from dubious sources on SEO, if you’ve wanted an intense compressed professional grade checklist for Google SEO, you’re going to get it. And this applies to Ecommerce SEO Too.

via 19 SEO Secrets

1. Meta Keyword Tags Don’t Count. Description Tags Do, But Not How You Think

2. You Can Jump In Google Without Any More Links Based On Your SERP CTR

3. Bold Tags Tell Google That Your Site Should Rank Higher for Bold Terms

4. Make Your Keywords in Your Title Tags Front Weighted

5. Use Automatic Blogging To Do More Blogging Faster

6. Seduce Bloggers and Do Not Beg At Them

7. Use Twitter to Get Paperli Links with DoFollows

8. Link To the Blogs That Link To You: Link Pyramid

9. Learn How the Google Algorithm Emulates Human Referral Credibility

10. Use Google+, It’s the New “Page Rank” but +1s Don’t Help Much

12. Comment on Big NOFollow Blogs. But Do It To Get Quoted

13. Comment on DOFollow Blogs IF You Have Time Left Over

14. Add Your Links In Wikipedia. THIS is how…

15. Use Social Media like Facebook and Twitter For A Totally Different Reason

16. Become an Active Valuable Member of a Discussion Forum + BONUS

17. Do NOT Copy and Paste Your Linked Comments Because they Will Be Ignored as Duplicate Content

18. Put Your Link In Every Status from Facebook to AIM to Skype etc

19. Google Spiders Gmail. So Put Your Link In Your Gmail Signature

20. Build An FAQ Using PHPBB or ELGG. You’ll Get Endless Content Inspiration

21. Start a Youtube Channel Because Google Owns Youtube

22. Secret

23. Do Press Releases Using PRWeb, HARO, PitchEngine

24. Learn “Direct Response CopyWriting.” If You Don’t, 1-23 Are Worth Less

You can either make 5 times as many links and blog posts or you can simply learn the structure of a tweet or a facebook post or a blog comment that gets you 500% more CTR. 

This is totally different than journalism.

Journalists actually suck at direct response copywriting and social media headlines. Journalism is the art and science of delivering accurate data to answer all of the reader’s questions. 

Direct response copywriting is totally different.

Direct response copywriting’s goal is to leave you dangling on the edge of curiousity and suspense then withhold satisfaction until you subscribe, buy, order, join, retweet, reshare, link etc. And there is a simple and clear formula for doing it well.

After you use the formula for 2-3 days, it’ll become a habit and all your forum, blog, social media posts will be 500% more traffic seducing. 

You already have your favorite bloggers. You already know how good they are at getting you to comment and click and link. All you have to do is to see your content from the same angle they look at their content: as bait.

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