10 Ways To Tell If You’re a Business NOOB.

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Via SMO Social Media Marketing and Internet PR Firm

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10. You demand an NDA

Please, you, in your small world may think that nobody would ever think of what you’ve thought of, but I just got 6 emails from 7 different people with the same 1 idea. There’s a reason they call it the “100th Money Effect.”

“6 Minute Abs? That’s Impossible!”

9. You Say, “Build it They Will Come”

Because, they won’t.

8. Your Business Strategy is: “Just Make it Go Viral”

It’s easier engineering a biological virus. Anyone with a bio PhD can do it now-a-days.

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7. Your Business is Too Complex To Explain In a Brief

Make a media kit. It shows that you respect your reader’s time.

6. You Have to Talk On The Phone To Explain Why I Should Talk To You On The Phone. 

5. You Don’t Respect My Time.

I told you I have 15 minutes to talk on the phone. If you keep talking I’ll let you steal 5 more minutes of my time to be civil. Then, I’ll hang up on you after making cackling noises and saying my battery is low. Then, I’ll block you. And you’ll never know why nobody takes you seriously.

4. You Say, “All I have to do is get an investor.”

If you do any of the above, an investor won’t even return your emails. Try it. Here’s a list of the world’s top VC investors. Call them on the phone. Really.

“I would have written you a short letter. But I didn’t have time. So here’s a long one instead.”

For the top 3, see comments below…

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