Top Google SEO Copywriters On Earth 2013

Top Google SEO Copywriters On Earth 2013

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Do You Understand the Importance of Great Writing in a World of Social Media and Google?

Remember way back when people got ink on their fingers?

We used to read “news” “papers” and clip out columns we loved. Then, we’d put them in “envelopes” and “mail” them using what was called a “stamp.”

Well, there were two bits of magic that you took for granted when you did that.

1. The story had to be remarkable.

2. You had to be able to find the story again after taking the newspaper home with you.

Today, the same requirements still exist although we’re using our iphones, ipads, kindles, and galaxies. If you want people to talk about you and your products, the writing about them has to be

1. Remarkable.

2. Findable.

The difference today is that while good writing is an art, making that writing findable now, in Google, is a science. To make your writing findable to the millions who are searching for it daily from, you’ve got to be able to predict the exact words they’re going to plop down into that Google search field. Advanced writers go behind the scenes and even consult with the keyword suggestion engine that sits on the Google database to look for synonyms around the keywords you want to use in your story. It would also be wise to use SEO Copy Writing in brochures and magazines as Vancouver based bloggers tend to quote you.

For example, you could be putting up a product description for the most delicious Pineapple Upside Down Cake batter in your eCommerce shopping cart store. A good writer might include words like “tropical desert” but great ones will add additional words like “pastry” and “recipe” to snag an even wider audience.

I can’t possibly explain how a great writer who is also great at making your product descriptions or blog or website verbage stand out would go about his craft. It’s just too complex. So, I’ll just introduce them to you:

I’m happy to introduce the

Top 100 Google SEO Copywriters on Earth 2013

Robert Kim is a business alliance strategy consultant for Sparkah. His lists appear in places like Forbes. Follow him on twitter @journik

If you need a Quote for help with your SEO and Google rank, contact us.

SEO disciple, marketer, copywriter, beader.

Website, conversion & SEO copywriter, author, speaker & trainer who is fascinated by consumer behavior.

Interests: travel, photography, hiking, motorcycles, writing, media & politics. In sales @ Sherwood Honda and also run Page One SEO (SEO, PPC, copywriting)

Freelance SEO Writer/Copywriter @BlueDuckCopy.comGraduate Student/ Professional Counseling RN

bon vivant. easygoing. i love movie montages & dressing in costume. SEO copywriter. freelance writer, fashion blogger. social butterfly, great friend, thankful.

I own 

, which is your one stop shop for seo copywriting services.

The Wealthy Web Writer is a hype-free zone for people who want to make money online with copywriting, SEO copywriting & writing web content. Tweets by Heather.

Experienced danish journalist, SEO-writer and copywriter.


. Personal: 

. Into SEO, Copywriting & Social Media. 

currently on hiatus.

SEO expert, copywriter, internet marketing & social media expert and consultant writer

Effectieve (SEO) Copywriting – Wervende Teksten – Marketing Communicatie – Online & Offline

christopher copywriter brand communications : CCBC : marketing strategy : public relations : advertising : social media : internet marketing : SEO copy : Sydney

writer, editor, crafter, mother, dog lover, textile junkie, knitter, baker, SEO & copy writer

Semi-retired business consultant, student of SEO, copywriter

Freelance copywriter, business growth consultant, SEO copywriter

Website content creator. SEO copywriter. Family gal. Foodie.

SEO Copywriter @Macys. Former associate editor @TheRoot247Founder of 


. Massive @Arsenal fan.

Freelance (SEO-)copywriter @ Hardcopy, Copywriting-specialist @, blogger @ Marketingfacts &

seo copywriter, web writer, marketing writer for traditional media

SEO, PPC, SEM, Link Building, SEO Copywriting, Keyword Analysis, Onsite SEO, Blog Creation and maintenance, etc

Screenwriter / Actor for @sam_film, SEO Copywriter

Internet, web-disign, programming, seo, copywriting, blogging, linux

Certified SEO copywriter and web content consultant focusing on the Pet Industry [See PetCopywriter (dot) com].

UGA Grad, SEO Copywriter, Social Media Marketer, and Documentary Filmmaker @pigskinmagnolia

Freelance reporter, subeditor and SEO copywriter. NCTJ

SEO, SEM, proofreader, copywriter, editor. Love books, comics, art, music, cooking, gardening & the finer things.

SEO Copywriting | Content Marketing | Social Media | Eindhoven | Vinyl | Drums | Fanboy

Owner at Tekstsprutten | SEO Consultant | SEO copywriter | Creating online visibility via SEO, SEM, content, SocialMedia | Consulting: Help to self-help

Cool, Competent, Cranky Association Marketing Director – still a stellar Website/Landing Page Makeover Specialist & Raconteur

Helping writers since 1920. Publisher of Writer’s Market series.

Combineert kunst, media en technologie. Heeft een internationaal ondernemersklasje voor kunstenaars. WordPress, seo & copywriting geek.

SEO | Copywriting | Website Design | Programming | Social Media Marketing | Video production

SEO Copywriter @fluidcreativity, @bcumedia Media and Communication (Journalism) graduate

Copywriter & Creative Director. Observational mutterer.

Web content specialist, SEO copywriter, Black Belt in Karate, passionate about Haiti and seniors

SEO copywriter, blogger, drummer…idiota full time

Dog loving seo copywriter and social media strategist, salsa dancing dog treat baker 🙂

Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Copywriting, Website Design

Marketing/SEM/SEO/Copywriting Consultant looking to learn!!

SEO, Copywriting, Running, Fitness, Linux, Android & Black Cat

Dog loving seo copywriter and social media strategist, salsa dancing dog treat baker 🙂

Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Copywriting, Website Design

Marketing/SEM/SEO/Copywriting Consultant looking to learn!!

SEO, Copywriting, Running, Fitness, Linux, Android & Black Cat

Official Twitter for environmental lifestyle expert Danny Seo


Rock it online. We turn websites from chumps to champs. Savvy, booty-kickin SEO Copywriter Services and Strategic Internet Marketing. Foxy Blog too.

Marketing keeno, NUFC fan & SEO Copywriter/Blogger for @mediaworksuk

SEO, web marketing & copywriter per NUR Web Agency.

Strategic Expert: Internet Marketing, SEO, PPC, SMO, Copywriting, Ecommerce

A Norwich based internet marketing company offering SEO, PPC & Copywriting to clients in the UK, Scandinavia and internationally.

Freelance Writer and Editor.Specialties: Business Writing | Blogs | SEO Copywriting | Social Media | Web Content | Editing | Grammar and Proofreading

SEO Copywriter, Content Marketing Lover, Digital Marketing Nerdess.

bad seo copywriting and pop-tarts give me heartburn.

SEO, Copywriter and All-Around Marketing Bad-Ass.

Freelance SEO copywriter ( – blogger (@nrvandedag, @GameCowboys) – guitarist (@tenementkids) – appreciator of whisky

Inbound marketing consultant, software marketing, online business, SEO copywriting, BizDev, photography

Content and SEO copywriter. Love what I do and it shows.

Freelance Copywriters is a full service SEO copywriting agency, designed to handle the fluctuating volume, fast turn around times, and wide range of copy needs

Inbound marketing consultant, software marketing, online business, SEO copywriting, BizDev, photography

Content and SEO copywriter. Love what I do and it shows.

Freelance Copywriters is a full service SEO copywriting agency, designed to handle the fluctuating volume, fast turn around times, and wide range of copy needs

addicted to digital marketing, seo, usability, copywriting, fashion, travel, design, coffee, journalism. online product manager lifestyle @ Roularta Media Group

Food Writer & Lifestyle Journalist | SEO Copywriter | Ghostwriter | Speaker & Coach | Social Media Maven | Visit me: 

SEO Freelance Copywriting Catered To Your Every Need. Working With @Faceless_PR. Contact: & Quote Impavido Copywriting.

B2B copywriter, marcom consultant and voice over talent for tech and industrial companies. I help them get leads and sales. Thoughts expressed here are my own.

Managing Director of Silver Pistol (web design, development, SEO, copywriting). Author of SEO Secrets.

SEO Specialist and enthusiast with a special liking to blueberry Froyo and milk tea 🙂

Copywriter | Content Writer | Ghostwriter at 

. Follow me for tips on Web Marketing, SEO, PR, Copywriting, Infographics, Stats and more.

Copywriter, Author, Internet Marketer, Blogger, Social Media Marketing Strategist, SEO Copywriter, Attraction Marketing

Technical authors and SEO copywriters focused on quality. We supply well-written articles, blogs, user guides, content, ebooks… and we never miss a deadline.

SEO Copywriter; believes that things better left unsaid should at least be put to writing.

Hello Folks. We are Hello SEO Copywriting – UK suppliers of premium website content, based in Manchester. We tweet about Search, Marketing, Advertising & more.

SEO copywriting, content marketing, SEO articles, blog writing, social media marketing, brochure copywriting

Web Internet marketing and online business coaching, SEO , PPC and copywriting

Online Marketer/Entrepreneur, SEO expert, copywriter, opportunity seeker and heavy-dudy stuff thinker!

marketing & SEO copywriter | i ♥ design, poetry, music and science 

The business solution for Digital UX Strategy! Features: UX Research, Social Analytics, Content Development, SEO Copywriting, Multi-Channel User targeting.

We Provide Virtual Assistant, SEO Services, Bookkeeping, Copywriting, Article Submission, Data Processing, Blog Management and Web Development Services.

We Provide Virtual Assistant, SEO Services, Bookkeeping, Copywriting, Article Submission, Data Processing, Blog Management and Web Development Services.

SEO Copywriter, Advertising & Marketing Consultant, Advertising Creative Copywriter

Interested in SEO, copywriting, content marketing and travel.

Internet Marketing agency based in Cheshire. Offers ethical SEO and copywriting services. Now rebranded to @EngageWeb

Web SEO Analytics – Professional SEO Tools, Search Engine Optimization News, Search Engine Marketing & Online Marketing Blog

Digital Media Planner @ignited by day, freelance SEO copywriter, gluten freeak, soulcyclist, and wino by night

Sarcastic/ laughterholic / Nerdy / IT / Writer / @StandardKenya / Marketer / SEO / Copywriter / I am the connection between Computer systems and baseball bats!


Freelance writer/editor specializing in seo web content/copywriting. CEO – Bluegrass Merchants ; an internet marketing services provider.

Multifaceted independent professional: Internet Specialist. Web designer/ UI/ web developer. SEO Copywriter. Social Media. Online Marketing.

Alternative Internet Marketing Teacher. I teach about Yielding Web Traffic, SEO, Copywriting, I Give Online Courses for Free.

SEO-Copywriter, travel writer about unconventional Tuscany, developer of app for visiting Tuscany. Join me on 

SEO consultant @Netsociety, (SEO) copywriting, content marketing, neerlandica, liefde voor schrijven, dieren, literatuur en Utrecht

Social media setup & training, Author, SEO copywriter, blog, poetry, 8O’s music, blueberry muffins, laughing, dancing, doing everything, regretting nothing

SEO copywriter, social media consultant & trainer, speaker, proud member of @Faucetgroup, BlogHer ’13, wine drinker, dog lover, salsa dancer, occasional yogi

Digital Marketing & Strategy Expert | Internet Consultant | Social Media | Online Brand | PPC | Email Marketing | SEO | Project Manager | Copywriter

Social SEO copywriter, web designer, happy person and professional real ale drinker – but not on school nights….mostly.

Copywriter webteksten, trainer SEO copywriting, Community manager, content management, moeder van 3, Italia fan, taal is mijn ding

Content marketing and strategy coach, SEO copywriter, blogger, press release queen, social media addict. Join me on Xeeme: 


The Web Go-To Guy – Websites, Blogs, Content, Search and Social. WordPress, SEO, PPC, copywriting and more. RedSox fan and web geek.

Social Media Strategist | Social Media for Coaches | Social Media Training | SEO Copywriter | Ghost Blogger | Lover of all Pittsburgh Sports!

I Don’t Bruise much, I Don’t Lose much- Medical Marijuana Writer, Legal & SEO Copywriter

We cover the SEO and search marketing space as well as general changes to the web.

Graduated in literature and linguistics, now aspiring editorial SEO and Copywriter @acento_digital

Freelance copywriting, website copywriter, SEO copywriting, online copywriting, social media, PR consultant Manchester & Cheshire

Новостной портал, seo форум, инструменты для вебмастеров и многое другое! Присоединяйтесь.

I Polish~You Prosper! StarMaker ☆ ProfitProphet ☆ Maximum Persuasion Copywriter/Polisher ☆ Marketing Strategist ☆ Conversion Maximizer ☆ Positioning Coach ☆ Pal

SEO Consultant & Blogger at Search Ranking Pro: an SEO Blog. SEO copywriting, optimized WordPress themes, SEO software, and SEO plugins for WordPress. I do SEO.

computer training, programming,SEO copywriting ( 

),domain name ( 



SEO/SEM jobs in the US – Search Engine Optimization jobs. For SEO career info follow @onwardsearch and see 

Optimized Web (SEO) Copywriting, Keyword Search. Blog: 

Guitarist, SEO Analyst, Copy Writer.Download my songs for free at : 

SEO Copywriter for food, health, and wellness professionals. I write blogs, e-books, newsletters. I do social media management too.

Gourmet/mand, SEO, online marketer, copywriter, photographer, student of Choi Kwang Do, audiophile (join me at 

) and post-Coltrane jazz nut.

Lover of great brands. Ecommerce Copywriter, Content Manager, SEO Copywriter, Sales Activist

aka David BeefChief, Medical Marijuana Writer, Crohns Advocate, Written 4 Kush Magazine, Legal Finance Journal, SEO Copywriter, BruiseDude BackyardHoopsHero

My passion: SEO&SMM, Copywriting, Advertising, creative people, cats. Addicted to chocolate and my mum’s cooking!

Marketing specalist obsessed with all things social media & coffee. SEO Copywriter for @IQnection & Freelancer

Marketing SEO consultant/copywriter in Atlanta ..keyword research addict…How to SEO trainer for Digital Marketing Pros…Love to connect with Awesome People

Web writing, SEO copywriting, content marketing, creative industries. Living in Matera, inhabiting the world.

B2B/SEO Copywriter producing magnetic, results-driven content for businesses seeking a powerful edge. Entrepreneur, Firebrand, Lab Mom, Novelist, Screenwriter.

We provide affordable seo services, pay per click advertising, seo copywriting, smo services. Get a customized SEO SEM SMO Proposal for your website now!

Digital Marketing Professional: SEM | SEO | Email | Copywriter | Social Media | Web Analytics | Posts will include digital marketing, sports, blogs & more!

Content & Classifieds Websites Manager ■■■ Responsable de Webs de Contenido y Clasificados ►►► Online Marketing, SEM, SEO, SMM, Content, Copywriting & Kubrick.

SEO Copywriter/Social Media Marketer in San Francisco and Editor-in-Chief of SmartyGirlLeadership (SGL)

I tweet about SEO copywriting, PR strategy and social media tips to help you boost sales fast! Rembrandt Communications CEO, Author and Speaker

Wizely is an enigma down the back of the sofa of reality. And an SEO Copywriter too.

SEO & sales copywriter, author, writer of persuasive copy that increases response, web traffic, & conversion rates. Men’s softball, darts, & horseshoes junkie.

Интернет-телевидение (SEO, интернет-маркетинг, бизнес в интернете)

an seo copywriter providing outsourced seo webcontent, blogs, and other types of seo services. blogger for hire. socialmedia

Not taking followers here. Sorry. You can follow us @ 

if you wish to see our recommendations.

Business Niche/SEO Writer- Copywriter, Editor, Poet-Spiritual- BeInspired- 

Expressing Thoughts 4 U from U

Deal with outreach, SEO, copywriting and them styles. Usually on about music. Get busy with fragile tape.

SEO Copywriter Consultant Blogger.Ex-Fortune Top Global 500 brand marketing area Manager. TQM Cloud SocialMedia Music CrosswordPuzzle F1 Coffee Food

We are a UK based search marketing agency. We offer PPC Management, SEO and Copywriting Services.

Ethical SEO Copywriter and Digital Marketer. Keen interest in all things Digital!

Ecommerce guy, SEO, CRO, copywriter & digital marketing by day // husband, dad, NUFC fan, drummer, lover of whiskey, real ale, tea, and custard creams by night.

SEO copywriter, blogger, & social media manager; owner of AimFire Marketing – Indianapolis; wife & mom of 2; TV/movie buff; coffee drinker; proud Illini alum

Head of (SEO) Copywriting @ Tribal Internet MarketingOwner @ 

Associate Copywriter for PUP, Certified SEO Copywriter, Freelance writer, tweet writing tips, lit news, and social media.

| Whatever Writer | SEO/Copywriter | Deist | Cinephile | Stubborn | Gonzo Journo | Capricorn | Capetownian | Aspiring Novelist | City-Spy | Feather-Footed |

SEO Dubai – a high ranking group of consultant experts of different nationalities with their professional involvement.

Director of Content Marketing at SiteLogic, lover of all things blog, social media, and SEO copywriting. Wife, mother, equestrian, and teen mentor.

SEO Copywriter & Social Media Consultant. Helping green, eco-friendly & organic companies grow their sales online. My Blog: 

Web Design company from Exeter, Devon. We offer web design and development, web hosting, graphic design, SEO and copywriting.

SEO copywriting and social media marketing business, based in the UK. We help SMEs to communicate with customers. It’s as simple as that!

Retweets for the writer author screenwriter playwright poet

E-Marketing Officer @huddersfielduni, freelance SEO copywriter, golfer, walker and general all round nice guy! All opinions are my own!

Blogger, SEO and Internet Marketing Advisor. 

Senior Marketing and SEO Strategist, Author, Copywriter, Blogger. Subscribe to the Monday Morning Marketing Memo at my web site.

student communications digital media | seo copywriter @sanomamedianl | social media @lyceo_examen | new media | copywriting | photography | in love

Banking marketeer, founder of SiDEBAR webzine, SEO copywriter, blogger, R2 listener, dunker of biscuits, drinker of tea.

Writer, editor, SEO copywriter, professional writing, websites, blogs, small business internet marketing, attention grabbing headlines, direct marketing.

Web/graphic design firm + SEO & copywriting. Home of several talented web ninjas– Not enough traffic to your site? Ask us, we can help. rva

Opinionated about ads. Inspired by social media. Aggravated by injustice. I listen to Rodriguez at least once a day and love my apple stuff.

WRITEIMAGE is an SEO website copywriting services company in Vancouver, BC. Writing tips, business and social media stuff. Tweets posted by @jnarvey

Benjamin Kerry, Managing Director.World’s favourite SEO Copywriting company? We’ve been told so! SEO Articles, Blogs, Web Copy. OUR CONTENT IS KING™

Web Content Writer/SEO Copywriter/Amateur Poet, Painter who believes LIVING like a poet is important than writing like one.

Internet Minded, SEO copywriter, Google AdWords, Social Media, Online Marketing, Social, Campagne marketing, Analyse, Vindbare Fashion Amsterdam & Barcelona

SEO Copywriter | Freelance Writer | Proofreading Editor | Web Designer | Wannabe Screenwriter | Fitness Junkie

SEO Copywriter & Blogger. Social Media Strategist. Film Programmer for the FilmExposed Film Club @ The Salisbury Hotel, London N4.

Tired of crap content? Forget words & think conversions instead. Get online & offline copywriting, content strategy & marketing help all in one place.

Web producer at DK Media. I dont tweet as often as I’d like, but like to talk about responsive design, SEO, BC, copywriting and sport.

Freelance Writer (articles, SEO copywriting, newsletters and more). Editor: @sportsouthdevon magazine

Online Marketing Training, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Online PR, Copywriting, Online Advertising 

I am a historian / professional blogger / online content specialist / SEO copywriter. Get your business listed at 


SEO Jr Copywriter @dealerdotcom // @ChamplainEdu PR grad ’12 // BTV twenty-something // Aspiring cat lady and a semi-young semi-professional

20, student Communication Digital Media, freelance (SEO) copywriter, loves good food, good stories and a good laugh

SEO copywriter & web marketer. Nested Lez at SoCal woman now, but Jersey girl at heart! Got healthy in my 30s. Love softball, biking & races.

We write words, lots and lots of glorious words. SEO Copywriting, Travel Writing, Branding & Creative Direction, our boutique ad shop’s here to tell your story.

Confident woman, USMC wife, toddler mom, Owner & Marketing Director of @KB_Solutions, awesome seo copywriter, veggie lover, dog person, laughing enthusiast..

Copywriting, editing, proofreading, translation and social media services from experienced SEO copywriter based in Scotland. Beware the low-flying haggis…

Web Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing, PPC), SEO copywriting & internet marketing services

I write stuff, make things and hopefully inspire others to do the same. I believe meaningful brands are built one letter at a time.

Author of Star Tribune Ask Matt career advice column. Resume writer. Web site manager. Digital marketer. Sports/features writer. Marketing/SEO copywriter.

Little web design company in leafy Hampshire. Established 2000. Hosting, SEO, photography, copywriting, graphics, logos…

Web developer, SEO, web addict, copywriter, basketball coach. Ain’t no superman.

I’m a copywriter with 10 years’ experience in word-weaving, web design and SEO. Come here, let me sell you.

Providing affordable custom articles, written by English speakers, designed with SEO & Copywriting in mind. A perfect solution for your web content needs!

Web project manager. B2B online marketer. SEO copywriter. Web developer. Interested in all things tech, content marketing, SEO, SM.

Marketing natural health products with SEO copywriting &social media, fuelled by passion & organic coffee, author of 31 books. Fresh Customers Daily free report

Journalist, travel and lifestyle blogger, SEO copywriter for Shop Direct, Scouser who travelled solo around Canada. Love photography. 

Website creator. SEO copywriter. Marketing strategist. Runner. Mediocre guitar player. Might still be a rock star one day though.

SEO copywriter who gets you more exposure and more business with content marketing strategies such as article marketing, blogging, email marketing, and more.

Internet Marketer (inc. SEO and copywriting) who helps you achieve what you want from life.

Toronto-based freelance copywriter who helps B2B technology marketers get more leads and sales. Loves Lindy Hop, Pilates and French macarons.

GoldSand Digital harnesses the power of SEO, copywriting, social media and razor sharp design. 

Tips en trucs over SEO, SEA, copywriting, Google Analytics, marketing en commercieel schrijven

Life & style blogger. SEO Copywriter & freelance writer. Non-crazy cat lady who loves music, makeup & social media. 

SEO copywriter specializing in web content, SEO articles, optimized press releases, keyword research & analysis for small & large businesses.

Torus Digital Marketing keeps your online content up-to-date. Seo, Copywriting, PR, Blogs, Social Media and Project Management for quality online businesses.

Certified SEO copywriter, inbound and social media marketer helps specialty travel businesses generate more traffic and turn more of that traffic into clients.

Professioneel fotograaf in Apeldoorn: portretten, evenementen en architectuur. En marketeer: advies, internetmarketing (SEO/SEA), copywriting en design.

Technical Director/co-founder @EngageWeb, Cheshire based SEO & Copywriting agency. Thorn in the side of reputation management companies everywhere, blogger.

Copywriting, Strategy, Training : Climbing, Skiing, Surfing. Helping businesses ‘get’ inbound marketing.

Just hangin’ . Kiva – Support our troops- artists/cReAtiVes Learning CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress, DW, – White Pineapple healthy lifestyle concept

Slingshot SEO helps deserving enterprise-caliber brands achieve exponential business success through search.

SEO/SEM Manager, Content Manager and SEO Copywriter who is also a sports and fashion enthusiast. Platinum Expert Author on EzineArticles.

*Document Translation * Website Translation *Multilingual SEO Copywriting *Multilingual SEO +44(0)208 1442 213 

Writerly wisdom of the ages collected by the author of Advice To Writers, The Big Book of Irony, and The Portable Curmudgeon

Web SEO direct response copywriter and direct marketing consultant specializing in web site, email, and web video advertising.

Travel SEO Copywriter | Social Media Marketer | Speaker | Read my blogs: 


Perfected best practice content strategy & writing formula. More robust & stable rankings than SEO Copywriting & no panicking following Google algorithm updates

SEO copywriter. Web copywriter. We create content that search engines love. Let us help you create yours

SEO copywriting, social media marketing, blogging and PR professional. Passer-on of comic materials, politics nerd, singer, poet and spare-time novelist.

Self-proclaimed multi-freelancer: Web design bloke // graphics doer // SEO-apprehensive copywriter // Also a blogger, sure. My other life – @ahgough

Open standards, Open source, change management, The Global Workplace, SEO copywriting, marketing, communication, technology assessment, Drupal, Liferay, cats.

Director of Marketing for 

. SEO, Copywriting, Marketing & Web Design. Serving clients since 1998. How can I help you?

Be Found is an Irish company made up of search SEO, social media experts, copywriters and web developers. seo socialmedia copywriting seotraining webdesign

I’m an SEO copy writer/editor. When I’m not working, I’m reading, playing in the sun, spray painting, mod podging or upcycling anything I can get my hands on.

SEO copywriting and content marketing for small businesses. I’m a fan of all things green: the color, the environment, green olives, spinach, trees…

Coach, speaker, (SEO) copywriter and entrepreneur. Blogger, too, at 


i am a writer who works on fiction and web content, SEO and copywriting. i am a mother, a wife, a friend, a sister and a daughter.

Online content writer, SEO copywriter. Trainer of people want to do the same. Owner of Get There Writing Services. Gypsy with a mortgage.

Global online marketing services w/ @joffemarc & @mywriteidea helping businesses reach local clients & target audiences w/ SEO, copywriting, social media adops

SEO copywriter, food truck blogger, and traveler writer..Feel free to email me at

DoGooder, SEO Copywriter, Educator, and the walking contradiction of a cynical blind optimist. Let’s save the world.

SEO copywriter and online marketing strategist tweeting about writing, marketing, & SEO . Like my tweets? Subscribe to my newsletter: 

Reporter at Gazette Series, SEO journalist and copywriter. Likes Africa, travelling, live news, documentaries and all things Internet. 

Head of SEO, copywriter, social media geek, comic lover, bringer of doom, carbon fibre obsessive. Tweets are my own. Formerly @2ftfromfreedom

Fly fishing guide, writer, occasional fly fishing pro. Writer/reader of words. Occasional player of tennis/golf. SEO, marketer, copywriter, full time nerd.

An old advertiser loving good food and CATS!!!

Weaver of wonderful words and SEO copywriter supreme. Social butterfly, hungry caterpillar. Hate planes, love travel. Celebrate good times. Biz @AWS_Copywriter

Food Blogger | SEO Copywriter & Consultant | Authoritative Storyteller & Father-to-Be trying to make a meal or two while stumbling through the kitchen

Mark Joyner calls me Bona Fide Twitter Genius.Award Winning Million Dollar Copywriter, Thinker & Speaker.Follow the Puppet Master for Tips, Secrets & Wisdom.

Local SEO & social media geeks in San Diego. Helping businesses grow organically! ▁ ▃ ▅ ▆ ▇

Copywriter, marketing consultant, business woman, and person of general good spirits! WARNING: Avoid at all costs if you’re allergic to blunt, snarky fun.

Bluetrain is an Internet Marketing company focusing on advanced SEO, PPC, Social Media and Analytics for clients across Canada and around the globe.

SEO Copywriter and keen golfer. I also write quiz questions and shopping lists. Arsenal fan. Football fan. (Un)Official SEO Copywriter to the whole world.

I am a freelance SEO copywriter. My company is Insite Copy, LLC. I love writing, SEO, reading, letters, coffee, fashion, decorating & hanging out with my dog.

Online Marketing Lead Generation Blogger. Sharing Simple and Practical ways to get Free Blog Traffic through SEO, Copywriting, Social Media & more…

Hello! I’m a SEO copywriter. I write articles and text content for different sites. I do it in English, Russian, Italian.

Social Media Strategies, Blogging, SEO Copywriting and Article Marketing about Maremma. Web projects, Web Assessment, SEM, SEO, Web Analytics, E-Marketing.

Copywriter (SEO & Creative). Social Media Marketer (Training). Organiser of Writers’ Retreats & Workshops. Poet & Writer of Children’s Books & YA Fantasy.

Scottish digital comms lass at Capgemini & supporting @DfSParis. Into social, web, SEO, copywriting. Desserts & social equality make me happy. Views are my own.

Award-winning, triple certified executive resume writer and coach guiding determined professionals to their next level career goals. Ready? Call 919-816-7878.

Content marketing, online publishing, and copywriting advice from the editorial team at Copyblogger Media.

Ottawa and area’s best proofreading, copy editing and copywriting services, including SEO copywriting and internet marketing.

C.S.U.F. B.A. Communications/Minor Public Relations. B2B/Consumer/Entertainment; SEO/Copy-Writer, Branding, P.R., Event Planning, Creative & Strategic Marketing

The Go! Agency is a full service marketing firm focused on helping you grow your business online. Social Media, SEO, Website Design, Copywriting

Writer & Cynic. Social Media, SEO & Content Guru for @SolarVPS & @FortressITX. Tweet me about Cloud, Content, SocialMedia, SEO & CopyWriting

Writer, Foodie, Music-Lover, Small Business Champion. SEO Specialist @bfsbizfinancing, contentmarketing seo copywriting Tweets are my own.

Online Media Broker, Expert Internet Marketing Strategy Consultant Focused On SEO, Copywriting, Testing, Tracking and Conversions! / My Specialty… RESULTS!

Founder of @whitespark. I pretty much just spam twitter with SEO RTs, usually about local SEO.

Skype: suhas.ganjare Web Analyst, Google Analytics Certified, Omniture Sitecatalyst, Adwords, SEO Strategist,SMO, Web Development & Design, Web Marketing

A certified SEO copywriter & freelance B2B marketer. Helping marketing professionals improve their lead conversion rates. Partial to cheese, chocs & fine red.

Bridging content & communication voids for individuals & small business enterprises. Copy editor-Writer-SEO & traditional. Virtual or local service provision.

International SEO Consultant & Strategist | Global Marketing & Communications | Speaker | Co-Founder of Level343 – Si, sono Napoletana.

Editor (Freelancer Plus), SEO copywriter, Social Media Manager. Long-term retainers growing clients’ audience & personal brand online. Contact Form through URL:

Award-winning copywriter, and SEO consultant. Clever, creative copy with extra wow and a sprinkle of oomph!

Freelance writer & SEO Copywriter. Guest writer for 

. Contributor to eHow UK. Cycling addict, doodler & embracer of life copywriter seo

Sharing insights on using the internet for marketing and generating an income: SEO, social media, copywriting, product reviews. 

Helping to connect small businesses with local customers in towns and cities across the country. Offering SEO copywriting and digital marketing services.

Our company offers Social Media Management and Training, SEO, Copywriting, as well as English-Spanish translation and editing. How can we help you today?

Web writing, social media messaging, SEO strategy.

Copywriter, editor, and Web content marketing professional, specializing in SEO, and corporate communication strategies. 

SEO Copywriter/Digital Marketing Assistant at @HearstCorp & @MySA. I’m radically energized without coffee. Terrariums, not treats, are the way to my heart.

Creative Search Marketing at a leading SEO, Website Design, Development & Marketing Agency. Where SEO fuses with Design…Driving Results.

Performance Marketing: Arabic SEO, social media, content development, reputation management, entrepreneur, small business development for Arab region.

Follow us for news about Google, Bing, Yahoo, search marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), paid search (PPC) & how to use search engines better!

Consultant, MBA Instructor, avid sailor. Want to survey your blog’s subscribers? Learn how right now at 

SEO copywriter and link building services. Loves living and working in Cornwall almost more than chocolate. Passion for good spelling, grammar & wine.

Into SEO/web copywriting, project/content management. In love with Sicily, music and books | If you don’t like where you are, change it: you are not a tree.

Clevelander turned Chi-town SEO copywriter, I write to house music as I etch out a career in digital. Festival goer, foodie, art lover & contact sports fan.

Копирайтер. Пишу статьи и тексты под заказ 3$/1000. SEO оптимизация статей. Портфолио есть на моем сайте.

Saving the world. One bald head at a time. Doing this thru the web– with email marketing, seo, copywriting and persuasive architecture as my loyal sidekicks.

Founder of


(work), expert on PR, SEO, social media, copywriting, e-commerce etc. (English only please, swedish at 


SEO Copywriting. Content Marketing. Blog Consulting. Working for your business. How can we help you? Also hit up @GeorgePasswater for more info.

Writer of books, poems and plays. Hula Hooper, CremeEgg Lover, Dog Walker, Toddler Wrangler. Copywriting me is @katetooncopy

Unrepresented author of EDENSPRING, LANTERNFLY & CLOUDNIGH. Jr. SEO Copywriter for 

. Metalhead. Lover of books, coffee and lagers. Ninja.

Professional content & copywriting team that will increase customer base, improve search engine rankings, and enhance brand awareness.

passionate, inquisitive, quick – 3 words to describe me. creative strategy, social media, seo, copywriting, fashion, interior decorating – always on my mind.

Copywriter, Internet Marketing Consultant, Content Writer, and Information Marketer

Dating/Life Coach and Internet Marketer (inc. SEO and copywriting) who helps you achieve what you want from life. Just keep it simple and be methodical is best.

Copywriter w/10 years of experience in advertising, content/SEO writing and brand consulting.New to the Salesforce & CRM world.

SEO copywriting WAHM. Former newspaper journalist, living a rural life with my family and four dogs, creating copy and content for some fantastic sites.

President of Dan’s SEO Copywriting, a firm which creates engaging, written web content. Content marketing strategist. Dedicated husband. Loyal Packers fan.

The UK’s award-winning integrated social media and search agency. We build digital brand legends through search, social & mobile.

SEO copywriter, social media presenter, travel blogger, online marketer for small businesses. Love my kids, a.m. coffee, p.m. wine, and afternoon yoga.

안녕하세요. 한국 홍보 전문가 서경덕 성신여대 교양학부 교수 입니다~^^

Copywriting simpleton

Writer; most recently of ‘Religion for Atheists’.

The books ‘Freakonomics’ and ‘SuperFreakonomics’ have sold 5 million copies worldwide. Here, the authors (and friends) continue to spout off.

The Professional Copywriters’ Network is a membership organisation for professional writers in the UK. Directory, job board, blog, forum and more.

New York copywriter serves up tasty marketing content at 

–and fast, scratch recipes and cooking tips at 


Copywriter. Ervaren specialist in het schrijven van heldere en overtuigende teksten. Advies. Strategie. Uitvoering.

Copywriter, speaker, Internet marketer, mother, wife

Sussex-based copywriter, SEO specialist, experienced writer of blogs, newsletters, business proposals – anything with the written word.

Discover the secrets to writing spell-binding sales copy that connects, influences and gets the sale every single time. To get started, visit:

Copywriting jobs, careers and community site.


Sustainability Copywriter at Futerra.Runner, writer and all round green believer.

SEO Consult is an award winning Search Engine Optimization Company – 

We’re a specialist search marketing agency in Manchester, with expertise in paid and natural search engine marketing. Why not follow our CEO @AlMackin as well?

Freelance writer, copywriter, author, speaker and coach – with particular interests in web content, the social web, and the freelance life.

Helping businesses get their message out. Social media consultant and copywriter for all types of organisation.

Tips on how to write effective SEO copy for your blogs, find seo writing jobs, and create a content marketing business.

Sharing helpful links on marketing, writing, Internet and self-publishing.

Your Jane-of-all-Trades for writing, editing, web/print design, communications, social media, and SEO. Writes Vancouver lifestyle blog at

SEO Journalist is an SEO and SMO based blog that provides its avid visitors with helpful SEO articles, services and reviews.

Copywriter, Internet marketing strategist, business owner, author, speaker. Co-owner with my wife @sylviefortin of The Licorice Group at 

Copywriter, tired father, lucky husband, compulsive reader, opportunistic runner. Founder of 



Copywriter with a catchy nickname. Curious about communication, communities and helping people make meaningful connections. A proud Texan. Married with mutts.

Copy. Daddy. Zoo architect. Translator. Antidote. Refresher. Dark angel. Hero. +ve deviant. Crooked tree. Tweaker. Polymath. You do the math. @StarWarscrisps

Award-winning writer. Hand-picked by Ogilvy to write Dove ‘Real Beauty’ Asia. All media. B2B, Financial & Tech (MBA, Ivey). Top agencies, top refs. SEO Content.

SEO + U = Win!!!

Quality Content Writers | Copywriting Service. Fabulous SEO Writers Freelance Here: We Help Web Audiences Discover & Love Your Site!

copywriting guru, marketing wizard, all-around bon vivant, a tad nuts

We’re copywriters. We command language and design messages. We are the artists of persuasion.Of creating attention. Interest.Desire. Action.

Tweets by Geir Ellefsen. Trying to make it in the SEO world.

Web content and hosting, SEO, social media, copywriter, media and advertising, network marketing and business, broadcaster, public speaking – indonesia

I love the web, business and all that.

Most of the time I’m a writer loitering at the beach…

CEO, High Rankings – a pioneer in SEO Consulting. If you like my Tweets be sure to sign-up for my informative and free SEO email newsletter by clicking here:

Entrepreneur, Investor, Writer, Dad.

Automated feed of our articles on copywriting, social, seo, branding, marketing and more. Human thoughts at @tomcopy

Founder of Net Victories, a new media consulting firm that specializes in website development and online communication strategies

Direct Response Copywriter. Author. Book lover. Rabble-rouser. 39-Point Copywriting Check List available free on my blog.

Autor knih knih o SEO, karavanista, investor, konzultant.

Over 25-years sustainable marketing, Blogs, Articles, Copywriter, Internet Marketing, SEO, PR Media, Technical Writer, Researcher

Популярный SEO блоггер. Владелец различных полезных сервисов.

I can explain. Copywriter, founder @ABC_Copywriting, co-founder @procopywriters, guest blogger @econsultancy

Copywriter, Internet Marketer, Web Designer, Hopeless Geek, Keyword Research, SEO, SEM, Consultant & MLM Binary Software



We provide quality content associated with search engine optimisation for bloggers, Internet marketers & small businesses. Facebook page: 

Мои увлечения: нормальное SEO, SMO, %D0%B1%D0%BB%D0%BE%D0%B3%D0%B3%D0%B8%D0%BD%D0%B3, WordPress, Photoshop, %D0%BF%D1%83%D1%82%D0%B5%D1%88%D0%B5%D1%81%D1%82%D0%B2%D0%B8%D1%8F, %D0%B8%D0%BD%D1%82%D0%B5%D1%80%D0%BD%D0%B5%D1%82

Уважаю активный %D0%B1%D0%BB%D0%BE%D0%B3%D0%B3%D0%B8%D0%BD%D0%B3, продвижение сайтов, манимейкинг, SEO.

Marketing Strategist & Online Copywriter specializing in email, autoresponders, and web site copy.Proud mom of singer/songwriter Dalton Cyr 

Christ-follower. Family man. Copywriter & Marketing Consultant. Author. Speaker. Entrepreneur.

Writer, Comic, Co-Founder AIB. 

Founder of @briggsby – SEO. Movie buff. Geek. Zombie lover.

Sydney Writers’ Festival returns 19-25 May 2014. Special events with writers will be held throughout the year leading up to the next Festival. swf2013

Director of Copywriting at SEO Inc. I love burritos, blogging, pug dogs, press releases, and anything purple.

I help to save the world by using sans-serif fonts.

Freelance content writer/copywriter. Caffeine addict. If every dark cloud has a silver lining, that’s where you’ll find me.

Expert in Inbound Marketing, Online Visibility & Personal Branding, via Social Media, SEO & SEM. I love social enterprise socent & green business marketing

I’m a word slingin’ direct response copywriter, Father of 4, Cyclist, Skier, Husband, International Speaker, Coach and Consultant with a wicked sense of humor

Copywriting, web content & social media for small businesses & folk like AOL, Yahoo!, BBC, ITV, Media Week, Toshiba & Lürzer’s Archive. Half of @sweet_retweets

Copywriter sharing, selling, and sometimes eating her words.

Founding Editor, @MarketingLand & @SEngineLand, covering Google, Facebook, Twitter, SEO, SEM & all things digital marketing, search marketing and search.

Адверт. Стартапер. Блогер.

International SEO at @SEERInteractive, @Moz Associate and @StateofSearch blogger. International, Mobile & Technical Search Marketer based in Madrid.

Seriously obsessed search geeks taking SEO to another level!

I show copywriting tricks that I’ve learned from my split-tests and from other copywriters (Caples, Ogilvy, Hopkins, and more).

Writer, writer, writer. Oh, I also write.

Self Improvement Marketing Copywriter Yoga Nut

Marketer/copywriter, dad, sportsman, ex-oenophile, future full-time world traveler.

Former ad agency copywriter turned Content Strategist/SEO. When I’m not hanging out in virtual worlds, I’m in the real world taking landscape photographs.

Addicted to copywriting, Internet & Affiliate Marketing Articles Writer, Social Media and Networking Expert

Профессионально пишу уникальный SEO текст для ваших сайтов и блогов. Наполняю форумы, пишу твиты. Уникальный контент для социальных сетей.

Kreatywna maszyna robocza seo/sem.Piszę sobie.

Marek Prokop twituje hlavně o webdesignu, internetovém marketingu, SEO a webové analytice. Delší články na stejná témata publikuje na blogu Sova v síti.

Copy, musico, blogger, babbo.

Let us help you create the total branding package that is reflective of your small business. Support Education, Mental Health & Business.

(Guest) Blogging addict and excited owner of 

(the free community of guest bloggers!) + If all you care is SEO, follow me as @annsmarty

Editoria (non a pagamento), scrittura e libri sono il nostro pane quotidiano. Stiliamo la lista degli editori noeap dal 2008.

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Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Programmers, Developers, Digital Ad Agency

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