Google SEO Company Reveals How To Dominate Google

Google SEO Company Reveals How To Dominate Google

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Google… the robot that’s everywhere.

You’ve seen that movie about transcending. You don’t have to beat Google. All you have to do is transcend it. And you’ll make it irrelevant in your world.

What we do as a Google SEO Company is either get hundreds of blogs and sites in your industry to write about you to rise to the top of Google or we transcend Google.

How we transcend Google is not by getting you in Bing. Bing only gets 8% of the traffic Google gets so no awesome there.

How we transcend is by creating an Android and iPhone app that’s even more useful in finding data and companies in your vertical than Google is. Notice the words, “IN YOUR VERTICAL.” That’s not hard to do. Hand curated, hand culled, and hand written content about the products, people, companies, events, news etc… in your industry will always beat Google’s one-size-fits all results.

Once your new industry insider app is online and downloadable in the iTunes Store and Android Play, word will spread like wildfire IN YOUR VERTICAL.

You don’t have to win the global search engine war. All you have to do is win your industry’s content source battle.

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