DIY PR: Suck Up To The World’s Top Design Bloggers: NYC LA SF LONDON CHICAGO

DIY PR: Suck Up To The World’s Top Design Bloggers: NYC LA SF LONDON CHICAGO

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If you’ve ever released a new product or service you know how quickly the blog (via blog management company) world can just light up with mention, photo, quote, and hearsay about your product. Whether the review is good or bad it’s always good. The more bloggers write about you new products and services, the higher Google will vault you in your category.

But since Google has lost a great deal of it’s early credibility after adwords and SEO Spammers started sneaking in, What Google can’t give you in credibility from a respected voice, bloggers can.

Or maybe you don’t. Maybe you’ve never had 100 top bloggers cover your new product, app, business or service. Maybe you don’t know how powerful bloggers are in giving you back:

1. Honest product design feedback before your entire customer base says you’re prejudiced against left handed people.

2. Access to the 1,000s of people who respect and heed their endorsements (at times, disturbingly fanatically)

3. Top Google Placement
Yep. The more niche blogs send you links, the higher you jump in a search for that niche. Seriously. If you’re Omaha Steaks but for some reason you showed up in 100 raw vegan blogs, you’d show up in a Google search for “vegan food.” It’s how Stanford and MIT Computer Science PhD’s Think. Not even a front page article in the NYTimes can get you into Google. That. Is. All.

Oh, Wait. No. It’s not.

Since all of our clients who asked us to market their products want to know how to get the word out, here’s ‘s (not so) Internal (anymore) list of top 100 Global Design Bloggers in LA, NYC, London, SF, Tokyo, and more.

These are the bloggers you want to treat well. Start by buying ad space from them. Or if you product is valuable, ask for a shipping address and sample them out. That will probably get you a blog (via blog management company) post quickly. And ask for honest feedback. They’ve earned their credibility with thousands and with Google. It’s the fastest way to get expert consulting – for pennies.

PS. If you want us to reach out to all of these top 100 bloggers simultaneously, consider posting your new product, app, site, or service to … Many of the worlds top bloggers use Plurban as a new product news (via — tech pr firms) source. Also, our interns are compiling a Twitter (details – Twitter Management and Social Media Management) list of everyone here. To be alerted when it’s ready, just click “Like” in any of the Facebook (details – Facebook Social Media Marketing) boxes to the right. Follow them. Get to know them. Develop a relationship with the top 100 bloggers in the world.

Ally@FTRB link Design blogger, decorator, world traveler. … Talk to you all tomorrow! #2AMwakeupcall 11:19 AM Nov 22nd via web. more. Name Ally@FTRB; location Atlanta, USA; Web fromth… Bio Design blogger, decorator, world traveler …
Rob Loukotka link Name Rob Loukotka; location Chicago; Web fringe… Bio Design blogger at Fringe Focus. Co-Owner of Collision Labs, a creative design studio in …
Tracy Fay link Name Tracy Fay; location New York, NY, USA; Web modernurba… Bio Design Blogger & Social Media Specialist focusing on interior and industrial design …
Kim Weisman link Name Kim Weisman; location San Francisco, CA; Web uzzle.word… Bio design blogger, traveler, amatuer photographer, Buddhist, pop-culture nut …
Haily Zaki link Name Haily Zaki; location Los Angeles, CA; Web secret… Bio Design publicist by day. Blogger by night. Eco-sympathizer. …
Russ Adams link Name Russ Adams; location In front of the computer; Web; Bio Web design blogger at and self proclaimed geek. …
harrywakefield link Name harrywakefield; Web; Bio Design blogger, ex-socialmedia startup CEO, whisky fan, wannabe tiny farmer …
Red Maxwell linkx Name Red Maxwell; location NC; Web onramp… Bio Design & Marketing Strategist. Entrepreneur. Blogger. 43 Following

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