Digital Agency Selection Process. How to Pick One.

Digital Agency Selection Process. How to Pick One.

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A digital agency is basically an ad agency. So technically, there’s no reason to call it a digital agency. Every ad agency should ideally be be digital since communication and entertainment is all digital now.

But that’s just not the case.

What we mean is that even digital agencies that claim to use marketing automation and understand social media marketing don’t.

They don’t know what it means to execute a guerrilla marketing campaign in Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or Snapchat. They don’t know the cultures and hot button topics of each community. They don’t know that there are subcultures within each platform.

How could they? The subcultures that you’re trying to market to were formed long before you even heard of Reddit or Kakao.

So to communicate clearly to your market, you need a native guide. Think about it. When you climb the Himalayas, you wouldn’t pick a guide from the Scottish highlands, would you?

Talk to a b2b digital ad agency that actually understands your target demographic because they are part of it.

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