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A Decision Algorithm Can Be Build For Anything That's Measurable

Coding Away Rule-Based Tasks

All rules based redundant repetitive recurring routine and manual tasks suck. They drain your staff of their time and creativity. The end results of monotonous carpel tunnel causing drudgery are sinking corporate morale, crashing human efficiency, and potential lumbar health care claims. Not good.

How many of your employees spend half their day doing mind-numbing work on computers and clunky poorly developed mobile apps that can be automated away? Programming automation into your business processes frees up your most valuable resources--humans.

Developers Programming To Empower You

Whether you're the COO, CTO, CEO, CSO, CIO, or other powerful being, a big part of how you got your superpowers is by knowing how to rapidly know what you don't. You might not know which department is the most inefficient. You might not know which division can suddenly produce break-away revenues. And you might not know what new technologies can make it all happen.

What really is possible today?

That's why you have us. And you, being the genius you are, already know how empowering one conversation with us can be. So let's talk...

IT Innovation As Massive Advantage

Competition is exhausting. Disruption is frightening. Obsolescence is crippling. But digital transformation can build quantum distance between you and your competitors. Imagine driving a Delorean with a Flux Capacitor instead of a donkey. That's the competitive gap you can create by infusing digital into your company at DNA level.

Imagine doing the work of 10 people with just 1 person at perfect accuracy. What would that do to your bottom line? What would that do to your competitors? Want to talk?

CRM, ERP, Back Office, Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Admin, POS, Automation

Top Line Marketing, CRM, ERP, Admin, Business Process, Accounting, Inventory Management, & Marketing Automation

Whether your business model is B2B or B2C, there's a million mile long path to acquiring a customer. What would happen if your CRM system could mimic your top salesman? Using artificial intelligence, it would reply to client questions 24h a day based on previous exchanges between your prospects and salesrep. Your new bot would learn.

What would happen if your CRM could automatically spider social media like Facebook and send a personal "Happy Birthday" message the day before?

What would happen if your CRM could mine for complex relationships to tell a prospect that her cousin in Dallas is also a happy customer? What would happen? Would you contact us about App Development?

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