A Click to the Wise is Sufficient

A Click to the Wise is Sufficient

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          Not unlike the days of old people seek knowledge.  They seek the wisdom of an old ancient Sage or a bone-throwing witch.  Yes, you have seen it in the movies or quite possibly read it in books (if you’re in for that sort of thing) the hero travels through harrowing country, or a narrow, rugged mountain pass and into a deep dank cave to consult the Oracle, the Soothsayer.  In all fairness, it would seem that business is not necessarily booming for said fortuneteller because their location is usually remote and unvisited.  No one is there; waiting in the lobby, there’s no line outside.  But don’t let that fool you; they get plenty of business.  Like many bloggers/writers, they live in a cave with only their instrument to keep them company.  They affect matters of great importance, in their pajamas.  They move this great world with a tiny diviner.  That would be your laptop.

For it is not physical visitors we seek but those that would consult our magical board for information while increasing our visitor and click statistics.  The more eyes on our pages the more revenue we can generate.  And the higher we reach, the greater the reward can be.  If one can reach the ultimate summit, they can make large amounts of cash, by selling the blog itself or at least ad space.  Then when you’re rich, you can have all the visitors you want… you can still be in your pajamas though.

So what does all this mean?  You’re smart, put it together.  If you want to draw people to your blog, offer them knowledge.  This is the information superhighway after all.  People want to know stuff.  And guess what?  You know stuff!  Yes, you… No, really, you know stuff.  Remember that time you got a speeding ticket and you forgot to show up for court, you had to do all that stuff?  Yeah, you had no idea what to do at the time.  And when you looked on the Internet, you still couldn’t find an answer.  Or maybe you found an answer and when you actually went through the process, you found that answer wasn’t really helpful at all. You know, all those things that sucked when they happened to you?  That’s knowledge.  But it’s not just about the bad; it’s about the good and the fun too.  People want to know, “Is Redbox a cool way to rent movies?  And how do I pay for it and how many movies can they really fit in there?”  And that’s the kind of knowledge that people seek the most on the Internet.  Not, some advanced theory of physics or chemical reaction of some sort.

That sounds way too simple, right?  So you’re probably thinking, “If people want to know that, they can just go read reviews on one of those other websites, why waste my time?”  Come on, in Hollywood do producers say, oh, well, they made a vampire movie I guess we can’t do one?  No, they churn those suckers out by the minute.  Most times you go to a review site, you have to read a bunch of reviews just to get a general idea if the thing is good or bad.  Just looking at the star rating isn’t good enough, you need details and everyone in the general public isn’t good at giving them.  But you’re a writer.  You’re all over this.  If you write a comprehensive review, that includes examples from direct experience as well as a look into your thought process and the questions you had, its far more valuable and people will read it.  And when they realize you were right, they’ll want to know what else you have to say.  And then, it doesn’t have to be a review; it can be whatever you really like to write.

But I am assuming some things about you from the outset.  Like, I’m assuming that you look at your stats.  You have to view your stats or the exercise is fruitless.  You have to see what people like on your blog in order to give them more.  You have to see search terms.  Most blog hosting gives you the opportunity to see at least limited statistics about your blog but the more information the better.  You can check “extreme tracker” for starters.

After looking at the stats for my blog and seeing I had visitors, I wanted more.  It became a challenge for me.  And so I figured, I’m usually the victim of marketing and advertising; it was time to turn the tables.  I figured I would create a sponsorship opportunity for myself in a way.  I would pick a product as my sponsor.  I would blog about it and in return, I would get visits from people who were curious about the product.  But I wasn’t going to blog without a soul; I picked something that I had an interest in.  Like stock market investors will tell you, invest in stuff you like or use yourself.

My big breakthrough was with VCOM machines.  A VCOM machine is a kind of all in one ATM, bill pay, whatchamacallit with a built in phone that sat at the back of a few 7/11’s in LA.  Every time, I went into 7/11, I used to wonder, “What the hell is that thing?  It’s an ATM but what’s the phone thing for?”  So I did a little research, some on the Internet and some real world experience.  I used more than just the ATM function.   And even though I found information about it on the Internet, I didn’t let that stop me from blogging about it.  For one thing, the information wasn’t that easy to find and for another, it wasn’t really explained that well.  I knew I could explain it better; I could answer the questions that people had because they were the questions that I had.  I loved that silly machine, it was so weird, and I thought it was awesome.

I was correct.  My first VCOM post quickly soared to the top of my statistics.  And after a while, I could see my stats raising overall.  When people searched VCOM, they would come to my site, mainly because, I was one of the few sources of information on the subject.  So after languishing in the stats of that first post for a while, I did another, focusing on another aspect of the machine.  All the while, I was publishing chapters of my novel, Tsuba Guard, using VCOM posts as a sort of commercial.  And I could see that people were actually reading it!

Now, my blog hasn’t exploded, and I don’t have any book sales but that wasn’t what I was trying to do.  I wanted to go from zero visitors a day to, I don’t know, somebody, one or two.  And I did it.  Little by little, my levels rose.  I went from zero readers a day, to five, to ten to twenty.  And for me just checking my stats everyday and seeing that twenty people came by was great but that was just a base, some days more came but I always maintained a base.  Not a day went by that my base amount of visitors didn’t show up.

My numbers weren’t setting the world on fire but I had a formula that got results.  If I wanted more visitors, I just had to do more of those sponsorship entries.  And I didn’t mind doing it because the product I chose was in line with the theme of my blog and it was something that I had a great interest and curiosity for so it fit right in.  I mean, you don’t want to shoehorn in a post that has absolutely nothing to do with your theme, especially if you want people to read the other stuff on your blog.

Now if you want stratospheric numbers for your blog, I suggest you follow this here blog and you’ll be well on your way.  This is just a little something for those writers out there who just want to be read.  We’re not hard to please; we’re deeply honored by anyone who reads our stuff.  But the more the merrier.  We eventually want to spruce up the cave.


Kidflush is Gregory D Hardin, a writer and artist that maintains a few blogs, a couple being dotunuki.com and kidflush on wordpress.

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