Sparkah does offline and online strategic guerrilla marketing. (?) And we have a 5 man crackerjack programming team. Today, you can't separate the two.

Our creative team, ummm, creates marketing that people actually love sharing and resharing. Some people like to call it viral marketing. We just call it marketing. Since we're good at getting people and bloggers to love our work, Google loves us too. That's gotten us labeled as a Google SEO Company. I don't have to tell you how I feel about labels. Even in Gmail, they hardly work.

We also started an Asia Division to Compliment our LA, NYC, and London Offices. So if you need an award winning marketing firm and social media marketing agency in Seoul, Korea; Singapore; Hong Kong or Tokyo, click. But, if you need a web design, app design, or graphic design firm, click here.

So you know you're in good company, we work with companies including:

The CEO's of companies we've worked with have said things like:

"The way you think is really going to make us stand out" -- Freddy DeMann, CEO Maverick Records and Madonna's Manager

"I really like your scrappy marketing" -- Jim Safka, CEO Match.com and Member Board of Directors of NASCAR

"Where are you going?" - Boutros Boutros Gali, UN Secretary General (?)

Oh, almost forgot. Sparkah was started by Robert. He's in Forbes.


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